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Hacker exposes Bush emails: even ex-presidents are not safe

Posted on: February 1st, 2013

Hacker exposes Bush emails even ex-presidents are not safeThey used to say that all is fair in love and war, but today everyone is fair game in the hacking trend as not even retired presidents have been spared the attacks.  Guccifer is a hacker who has made it his personal duty to gain entry into the email accounts of both Bushs’ invading their privacy while in retirement. The hacker has displayed photographs and emails of the two former presidents affecting also those of friends and family.

The private information obtained the hacker includes, physical addresses, phone numbers, emails contacts of family members and even emails from HW’s stay in hospital, according to information received by a magazine called The Smoking Gun, from October 2012. The self-confident hacker also stole more information from their accounts that he is yet to release.

The information acquired from the emails includes the friendship of Jim Nantz who casts sports on CBS station with that of Bush junior and details of the pin code that Jim uses to gain entry into Bush’s property while visiting, their golf activity, which was followed by dinner plans and the restaurant selected for dinner. The information was accessed from separate accounts totaling to six, which include Bush junior’s sister Dorothy Bush Koch and details from the brother of the former first lady Barbara Bush.

The hackers also invaded the privacy of the family by attaining the particulars of the recent hospitalization of George H.W. Bush that indicate that funeral plans were already in consideration and slotted for later in December showing the extremity of his condition. There were also pictures of the Obama’s expressing their get well wishes to the ailing retired president.

Extremely private information acquired by Guccifer is the details of George W. Bush’s paintings that he was working on. These are two portraits of him in the bath and in the shower, which goes to show just how vulnerable that individuals, even prominent ones are without extra measures of security.

The hacker has boasted of gaining access into accounts running into the hundreds and he even not afraid that the FBI may catch up with him. Guccifer is intent on going on with his activities so to avoid him and others of his ilk, you may want to opt for private proxy service that allows you to be inaccessible to hackers and masks your identity.

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