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Facebook is hit by hackers causing techno panic

Posted on: March 1st, 2013

Facebook is Hit by HackersFacebook, the giant social media corporation has not escaped the dragnet of the hackers, which is hot on the heels of Twitter, which saw 250,000 details of its users stolen after an immense breach of their security measures.

The giant, who termed the attack as sophisticated has said that the breach occurred after its employees accessed a developers site, which had already been hacked and the malware planted. The malware then lodged itself through employees laptops that had an active anti-virus software, but somehow the malware managed to sneak through the security wall placed. Luckily, the corporation reports that no data of its users was compromised in the breach that occurred in the previous month, which the company thinks happened through a faulty java software.

Facebook which is located physically in California, runs a scheme that offers users who find security bugs financial rewards and it is an option that the hackers bypassed in a surprise twist, which indicates that they are not really that knowledgeable of the site and its offerings. Investigations are however underway as the company considers it a grave matter of concern and the organization is working with the police. There is no information given on whether the hackers who have attacked Facebook and other organizations are part of the same cartel.

A BBC programme has been criticized for encouraging a techno panic following the rising attacks by author and blogger Jeff Jarvis. The commentator cites the fact that no data from customers was affected as a few employees mostly felt the effects of the hacking.

Facebook is not taking the matter lying down and has approached security professionals to ensure that the same does not happen again. The good thing about this is that it has enhanced the bond between Facebook and such other victims with those of the security sectors as they try to find solutions to the problem and the culprits behind the attacks.  Meanwhile you can use other measures that are readily available to protect your account.

This hacking activity has increased the concerns on online security and privacy. Bearing that in mind, it is only prudent that in the meantime, you protect your data or that of clients by  investing in a private proxy service as it will not only protect your information but it will mask you identity when online.

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