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Montana zombie apocalypse cancelled and Hacked off

Posted on: March 11th, 2013

Montana zombie apocalypse cancelled and Hacked offBetween zombies and hackers Americans seem to be a having a full plate of things to watch out. It was reported through local broadcast stations emergency systems of impeding zombie attacks that had been the work of US hackers having a field day, which caused some degree of fear among the local populace. This prank, which is considered not to hilarious was not without its effects both positive and negative.

The victims of the attack include the KRTV network whose broadcast was interrupted on the Monday of 11 February in the afternoon segment. Warnings of the dead rising played across the stations network, viewers were told of the attacks by on the living by these zombies, and cautioned not to approach the creatures but rather stay away or hide. The network did however, state that there was no emergency as officials tried to calm the people but they did not seem convinced.

Despite the attempts at calming the public down, the local police were bombarded with calls inquiring in the use of guns against the invaders and what to do in case they are attacked. The gun debate is already complicated and the use of guns for self-defense against the zombies makes it worthwhile, so keep an ear out on the opinions that will be floating around.

Michigan too had its share of the zombie party, as did other states besides Montana. The invasions by the hackers point to a great flaw in security measures of these broadcast stations. Whether they are funny or a nuisance KRTV is working to assure its viewers that, it will increase security in addition to having its engineers investigate the source and find solutions to prevent a recurrence, a move that most likely the other victims will be taking.

Lately, the hacking trend seems to be catching on and it has gone beyond targeting corporations and publications like New York Times to prominent people such as George HW Bush in the sustained attacks. The activity has exposed the Achilles heel of the US authorities who seem to have been caught flatfooted due to the lack of appropriate measures in the security department on online activity.

For your own protection, do think about boosting your security through the private proxy service as it increases difficulty for the hackers by the addition of a security layer.


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