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Risks of users with flawed outdated browsers

Posted on: April 20th, 2013

Risks of users with flawed outdated browsersNew surveys show that over half of users on the internet are still relying on the use of outdated web browsers. This information shows that millions of users are exposing themselves and leaving themselves vulnerable to numerous security flaws that could cost them a lot.

Qualys, a security compliance firm was behind the survey whose research exposes user vulnerability for those on old browsers as newer versions are generally upgraded with a focus on improving on the failures of the former, meaning that they also seal such loopholes that cyber criminals could use, to access and harvest information from personal computers of the users.

Updates of browsers use external plug ins such as Adobe or java to provide solutions of the older browsers. Failure of the use to update implies that they are more vulnerable as they allow online security breaches to keep up, exposing the individual’s personal data for more time than is reasonable. This is not limited to one browser but rather all available in the market including Apple who browser is said to be safer than most. The research shows that thirty-five percent of users of Safari, Apple’s browser are still behind in updates resulting in unnecessary exposure.

Wolfgang Kandek the CTO at Qualys, is of the opinion that the challenges can be solved in minutes with just the bringing up to date of software in devices as well as plug ins and browsers. These may often seem like quite a hassle due to the amount of time spent while updating but in the end they are valuable for the user that wants peace of mind while on the internet.

Just as there black markets for almost everything under the sun, there is hot one for the commodity that is your personal data, which is sourced from internet users, making online security crucial while on the web. Make sure that your browser is up to date to minimize interaction with cyber criminals and in addition to consider the use of a VPN server.

The server will conceal not just your location but it will go further to encrypt your information. These attributes of the proxy allow you to be several steps ahead of the cyber criminals who would get a way into your individual information for their benefit. The server adds an additional coating of security for your peace of mind.

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