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New graph search function launched by facebook

Posted on: April 25th, 2013

New graph search function launched by facebookThe grapevine has always been rife with talk of Facebook catching up to the search giant corporation, Google. This rumour has been around for quite some time now and the rumors are now being fed by the social site’s partnership with Bing, the Microsoft search engine.  Tech blogs are filled with speculation on the move and the impact expected.

The latest move by the social site could be an indicator of how they may just act in response. Facebook’s new feature is the Graph Search that has been announced on the site. The new feature looks like it is an early attempt to challenge Google’s niche, though the product itself is not quite up to par with Google’s search engine. The difference between the two lies in their mode of operation and Facebook’s feature will work by looking at an individual’s social network, for information that it feels will be relevant to your search unlike Google, which pulls the information from the respective websites themselves.

From the suface it looks like a great move for the social media but in line with most of Facebook’s services this product has aroused concerns for safety and privacy in the various forums. The billion users of Facebook are seriously concerned about their online privacy as even the person who knows best how to cover their tracks on the giant site will find themselves in results of the searches, just from a single tag or status update. The move blatantly exposes users to scammers for exploitation of users habits, through assessment, since we all know that they have all the time in the world.

The behavior that exposes users on the site is not just the ability to trail a user but rather tracking your behavior and habits while online.

With the use of a Virtual Private Network, you have a degree of control on protecting your activity which will start by removing tags from the offending photos.  Do take advantage of the numerous providers of security providers for online protection. Compare their pricing and get one that is affordable for you will still offering you the VPN services. Using these channels to hide your online activity will put several steps ahead of the hackers and make it difficult for them to follow your activity. This way you will not only enjoy peace of mind but you can protect your friends too.

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