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Can we hack the top wifi routers?

Posted on: May 6th, 2013

Can we hack the top wifi routers?A recent study says that wireless routers used in home and offices can be readily hacked and there is nothing you can do about it. The report that releases today elaborates that these devices can be easily hacked and there is no ultimate way that you can adapt in order to stop this.

Independent Security Evaluators of Baltimore cleared that almost 13 wireless and wifi devices can be easily hacked provided with a LAN or WLAN access. It specifies that your safest bet of having a protected router depends on the vendor and the 13 routers that were taken into account can be taken from a local network; with some of them even don’t have active management session.

Is your router safe? Let’s find out.

The report clearly depicts that these routers can be easily controlled and with a little skill one can handle these routers remotely as well. We cannot undermine the fact that these routers can be easily hacked and it’s growing as a security threat. In 2011, 4.5 million Brazilian modems were hacked in order to steal the bank and credit card information and this clearly shows a big loophole in the security of wifi modems.

Why router hacking could turn into a big problem?

It’s a big question and if we compromise of wifi security, we are indeed inside a firewall. One can pick credit card numbers, photos, confidential documents and many more things by just hacking your wifi router. Different studies will be released in the later weeks that actually give chance to the vendors in order to work on the vulnerabilities.

So, in short wifi and wireless modems security should be given priority and there is a need of working on this area in order to make in more secure as a device.

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