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The latest security threats and steps to combat them

Posted on: May 11th, 2013

The latest security threats and steps to combat themThe issue of cyber security is one which keeps changing constantly as hackers and cyber criminals keep coming up with new ways to compromise systems to new vulnerabilities as the old ones keep getting discovered and patched. As a result, cyber security has always been a cat and mouse game in between cyber criminals and users. There are a two security threats which have recently been discovered and all security professionals must know about them.

Using Technologies similar to DRM to hide the Virus

There are a some ebooks and music files which are protected by Digital Rights Management Systems. The main reason for the locking of these files is so that they can only be played on particular devices and cannot be copied or shared. The latest malware discoveries also use the same technique and essentially lock themselves onto a system by encrypting portions of its binary code using specific aspects of the infected system. This means that once the system has been affected, the malware will run only on that particular system and cannot be copied onto another. The best way of combating such malware is by using anti virus systems which offer alternatives to signature based protections such as behavioural protection systems and reputation based systems.

Targeting the OS X systems

In the past, most of the malware generated has targeted the Windows OS. As a result, users who use the Apple OS X have falsely been led to believe that their systems are safe and incorruptible from malware. However, examples such as the Flashback Trojan proved that the OS X is also now being targeted and is as vulnerable as the Windows OS. The best way to combat this threat is that users who use the OS X should use the same security measures as would be used on a Windows machine. This involves the installation of anti virus softwares and regularly updating the OS and third party software with security patches.

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