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How does software defined networking affect security

Posted on: May 15th, 2013

How does software defined networking affect securityMost internet users do not have any awareness of the switches and routers which are scattered all over their networks and play the role of the silent knights by doing their work without causing any interruptions or problems for the users. These routers are on the verge of getting a much needed makeover due to Software Defined Networking (SDN). With the help of the SDN, routers will no longer have to bear the brunt of being called just pieces of hardware but will become components of a very powerful and extremely proactive network.

One of the main changes that was very much required was the need for a configuration which could easily alter in order to fit any given size. This became imperative as in today’s digital world, there are various kinds of online traffic and thus, the one size which fits all no longer works. Furthermore, the use of SDNs will make the process of extending VLANs beyond the building perimeter a lot more simple. This is expected to go a long way in enhancing the chances of the data remaining secure. Finally, SDN technology can also help out with the nebulous network perimeters since it can allow administrators to direct all the traffic (incoming as well as perimeter) to a central firewall. This allows for real time capture and analysis of the IPS and IDS data.

Moreover, the SDN technology is said to be as close to being bulletproof as is possible with the current technology. However, one area of concern with this technology is the connection between the controller and the various network devices that it communicates with. To sum up our analysis, it can be said the SDN technology has numerous advantages for the users. However, whether wholesale adaptation of SDN is feasible or not remains to be seen.

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