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Hacking infidels’ banks

Posted on: May 19th, 2013

Hacking infidels’ banksIn late March, the Muslim protestor group known as the Izz Al-Din al-QassamCyber Fighters hacked into the systems of several United States financial institutions including American Express and Wells Fargo. No money was stolen, transferred or interfered with in any way. So what was the motivation behind the attack? We can get a big clue from the man they named themselves for. He was their inspiration behind the attack and was a Syrian Muslim Imam preaching jihad against infidels. He was killed in 1935 in an attack against the British. He was the inspiration for Hamas terrorist leader, Yasser Arafat.

The story offered up by United States leaders was that this was in response to a video posted on YouTube entitled, “The Innocence of Muslims”. The reality is that this was not a spontaneous attack about the video, but a coordinated attack on several U.S. embassies and the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others. It is this video, which prior to these attacks had been seen a grand total of under 1,000 times, that is blamed by these hackers as the reason for their hacking attacks.

The group blames Western finance companies for the film for some undetermined reason. Some, including Senator Joe Lieberman blame Iran for these attacks citing the year-long attempts that Iranian based hackers have made to slow down or shut down U.S. bank websites. Although the claim is that they will cease the attacks as soon as the video is pulled, most officials doubt it. And since the Obama administration is bent on not offending Muslims in any way, even after a concerted cyber and terrorist attack as occurred in Boston that claimed the lives of many innocent bystanders, which these attacks will continue to receive a pass as long as they are carried out in the name of Muhammed.

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