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Microsoft moves into 2 step authentication processes

Posted on: June 4th, 2013

Microsoft moves into 2 step authentication processesMore and more companies have been shifting to the 2 step authentication processes for their online services. One of the biggest reasons for this shift is the fact that the 2 step authentication makes it much more secure to access online services. Most companies such as Google and Microsoft also see the 2 step authentication as a way of improving the platforms as well as reduce hacking issues. Most of these 2 step authentications require a password as well as a second code to access data or accounts. This code is normally a randomly generated number which can be used only once. Google had already introduced the 2 step authentication for its users and now Microsoft has also followed suit and plans to launch the 2 step authentication for all user accounts.

Microsoft was expected to announce the two step authentication for its accounts for quite some time and the company has finally declared the 2 step process officially. An upgrade to all Microsoft accounts shall be introduced in the coming few days which would enable the two step authentication as an optional feature for its users. The process is quite similar to that used by Google where Microsoft shall allow the users to use the application passwords for services such as the Xbox which do not support these 2 factor authentications at the moment. Microsoft is also offering an authenticator application for the Windows based phones which will allow the users to receive the 2 step authentication while they are offline as well.

Microsoft has also been an avid supporter of the multiple authentication methods since ages and has offered these features to certain parts of its accounts. However, with the launch of the two step authentication process, Microsoft has now launched a multiple authentication method to the entire account. This means that the account shall remain completely protected irrespective of what kind of data is accessed by users.  This 2 step authentication also ensures that it becomes extremely difficult for any third party to access the accounts even if the username and passwords have been hacked.

This 2 step authentication process shall now be used for signing into services such as Messenger, SkyDrive and Once this 2 step authentication has been enabled, an additional layer of security such as a code sent to the phone is required to access any account. The entire process might sound like a huge hassle but is extremely beneficial in terms of online security for user accounts. However, users can also choose to not use this 2 step authentication if they do not wish to and will only be asked to do so if they have not accessed their accounts for a period of 60 days.

There are various other companies as well who have now opted for the increased security of the 2 step authentication process. The top companies include Google, who offered the process for its user accounts and Apple, who introduced the process for all Apple IDs.

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