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Guccifer strikes again: candace bushnell hacked

Posted on: June 8th, 2013

Guccifer strikes again: candace bushnell hackedNo one knows who he is for sure. Guccifer is the pseudonym for a high level hacker who has broken into the email, Twitter and other accounts of for one example, Dorothy Bush Koch, sister of President George W. Bush. Guccifer disseminated photos of the elder Bush who was in the hospital undergoing treatment. Photos of George W. Bush’s painting were also released online. Guccifer has hacked the email accounts from Yahoo, AOL and more.

Among his victims who saw sensitive information being shared with the world thanks to his efforts are Colin Powell, Lisa Murkowski, Barbara Bush’s brother, Jim Nantz and beauty queen Miss Maine Patricia Legere. Recently, Guccifer hacked into the email accounts of Sidney Blumenthal, former aide to President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, specifically leaking emails regarding the terrorist attack on 9/11/2012 in Benghazi. Experts tracked his IP address to Russia, but were not able to ascertain if this was his actual location or if he had used a proxy server located there.

But he wasn’t done. Last week, the infamous hacker gained access to the email and Twitter accounts of Candace Bushnell, author of the book, “Sex and the City”. He was able to locate a copy of the first fifty pages of Bushnell’s new book, entitled, “Killing Monica”. Bushnell spent several hours attempting to regain control of her accounts as Guccifer downloaded her work and then made it available online for all to see.

Bushnell’s publishing company, Grand Central Publishing, confirmed that Guccifer had indeed gotten a copy of the actual beginning of her new book. To add insult to injury, Guccifer was not satisfied with merely stealing her work and distributing it, he also hacked into her website and placed links to blog posts about online gaming of games like Diablo 3. To date, these blog posts have not been checked for malware, but it is possible that the purpose he had was to distribute a virus amongst Sex and the City fans. Investigators still have no clue who he or she is, but they advise against clicking on any links for blog posts you might find that just don’t seem to gel with the theme of the site you are on.

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