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FixYa launches the FixBoard, a dashboard for the FixYa data

Posted on: June 17th, 2013

FixYa launches the FixBoard, a dashboard for the FixYa dataFixYa had been founded in order to take advantage of the facts that adequate support is not being offered by consumer manufacturing products on their websites. Even though most of these products become technologically advanced by the day, the manufacturers have time and again failed to offer the necessary technical support which is required by most users. Thus, the idea behind the creation of FixYa was to integrate the various content which is scattered all over the internet with regards to various consumer products and to integrate them into one user friendly site wherein users can find all the information they need about specific consumer manufacturing products. Furthermore, FixYa also offers an online support community where consumers and experts can meet and get problems related to various appliances solved. The site is also popular as a storehouse of knowledge and is constantly updating its content with the help of a community of users who share experiences pertaining to technical problems and figure out solutions.

Another advantage offered by FixYa is that the site is dependant and based upon experiences from real users rather than basing the content on manufacturer FAQ’s. As a result, the solutions offered and the problems asked are quite genuine and pertain to issues which are commonly faced by most users. The website also allows users to ask a question and get their queries solved within hours. The website also allows users to search for a local repairman for the product in question in the user’s geographical location and area.

FixYa is about to become more useful for the big brands due to the FixBoard, the latest feature of the website. The FixBoard is basically a dashboard which allows users to browse through the FixYa data. This dashboard also shows the number of owners who have reported a problem with regards to a particular company’s  product, the most common problems of the product in question, the number of problems which have been reported about a product over time and a comparison to the competitive products. Moreover, the FixBoard also offers users with a much broader view of a product rather than limiting it to individual questions and products. Even though this data is compiled from the activity which takes place on FixYa and does not include complaints from the company websites and social media platforms, this should be enough to offer users with a true picture as the FixYa site witnesses a traffic of about 30 million individual views every month and also has more than 9 million questions pertaining to products which have been answered.

The FixBoard is presently a free program which is available to all users. However, at the present moment, it only covers about 1000 products out of the total FixYa product range of 60000. The FixBoard shall soon be released to cover many more brands and will be chargeable to the companies who wish to get their products featured on it.

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