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Proxy works fine
Thanks a lot for the list of proxy servers. Each and every one works like a charm, without the glitches. This happens so often, even on private proxy servers, not to mention free ones. And the speed is way cool!
by Javier Y.
Cool resource
If you really want to get the difference, I suggest you try to find at least a slightly similar service. I stopped searching after a week, just got tired and I saw it was useless. No one has a hundred IP for that price.
by Jonathan T.
I advise this
I used to earn money on the Internet by making fake votes in different contests. With proxy servers from the website 'Men in Proxy' I managed increase my earnings significantly. Now I have a lot of IP addresses that are always credited to vote. Thanks to the creators of this site for such a very useful resource!
by David F.
Unblocked the site ? thanks!
If all sites in the world would have the technical support you have, I could imagine how different this world would be then. Thank you very much guys for your help. I'm newbie and always make mistakes with my scripts. But you guys are already ready to help me with advice regardless the time and the reason. Thank you! Thank you!
by Jimmy C.
Thanks to technical support
Personally, I must say I like everything here! Everything works fine and it's easy to understand this stuff. But my friend had some difficulties, don't know why. Still your technical support managed to explain everything to him (that was at night time, btw). Now he's your long time client.
by Michael B.
Cool site
I became a client of this site just out of curiosity, not necessity. But pretty soon I found out about all the advantages that this unique resource gave me. The huge respect to the creators.
by Charles N.
The price is the best part!
Personally I was attracted by the price, that's why I decided to buy a list of proxies - hey, it's cheap, maybe the quality would not be all right? But it was! Everything was top quality - both the prices and the speed of proxy servers.
by Tyler F.
Thanks for the anonymous proxy.
I compared the prices for such services; I spent a lot of time analyzing. Just few of them offered 100 IP addresses, it's rare that someone offers even 30, and majority have just 20, it's about 3 times cheaper in here! To put it shortly, I'm here because of the money.
by Sam E.
Cool anonymous proxy
My work is all about surfing the Internet. Naturally, I need some quality, non-spammed proxy servers. Just like ones I found on your site. It's good that they are all 100% anonymous!
by James D.
Reliable proxy, I recommend them
I've been playing with proxies for a while now. Hey, it's 100% win - you don't drag some garbage into your machine, your anonymity is guaranteed. Just need to find some secure proxy servers. Just like the ones I found on your site.
by Franklin X.
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