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Everything is simple and available
I learned about your site from my 12 years old son. It turns out that his friends and he use your service to get around the adminstration's blocks at school and visit social networks (those little hackers!). I guess it's really easy to use your services, since even children had no problem.
by David R.
Super purchase!
I loved buying from you - everything's really clear, absolutely no annoying extra steps. And the purchase itself is impressing. Such a nice product for such a price! And what's best is that all the proxy servers are working!
by John H.
Nice dealing with you
I've been working with you for months, and there hasn't been a time that your service left me unsatisfied. Thank you for the good work! The product's quality is always high, and the prices are the best.
by Robert K.
I respect good sites
I have been a client of this unique source already for a month. During this time I did have any complaints for the work of accurate service. I recommended it to everyone who appreciates stability.
by Kevin L.
I recommend this to everyone!!!!
Before learning about your web site, I worked with many other proxy providers. I should admit that yours is the only one, with the costs and quality that I liked. The prices are same as in other sites, but the list of proxies is at least two times bigger. And they're all working - I checked them by my own!
by Charles V.
Thanks for being there!
We've got Facebook blocked at the workplace, so that people would spend more time working. But thanks to this site, I managed to get around the regulations and gave everyone access to the social network once again. Now they call me a master of Facebook unblocking.
by Brandon O.
My recommendations!
Once I got problem with Facebook, I got access block by my administrator. I thought my life was over. I couldn't chat with my friends anymore. But here came Men in Proxy who offered me a rapid solution. I paid just a little and got a huge list of IP addresses. First I lost, I didn't know what to do, but after I contacted their technical support, they helped me! Now I'm with my Facebook friends again!
by Christopher R.
Thanks for the price and quality.
As a beginning hacker, I'm very dependent on anonymity. This service is a reliable protection for me, thanks to it I'm making progress in my hard work, and I'm not afraid I'll get caught immediately. Thanks to Men in Proxy for being there!
by James Z.
The security here is serious
I've just read reviews and didn't get how one can even complain slightly? The service is excellent - everything works fine and without any interruption. If some got any problem with Men in Proxy's proxy servers then they should look for the problem on their side. Or at least they should contact their all day time working technical team and ask for help.
by Arthur U.
Works for Windows
The prices are really cool, and that's the important part for me since I'm just a student. I've thought of several choices, tried to calculate the costs - it's at least two times cheaper in here. It's great to have a SOCKS server for Windows, because it makes the life much easier.
by Bennie M.
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