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Great service
For me the Men in Proxy site represents a resource of super-possibilities! Immediately after making the payment I got the list of good and fast proxies, and the cost is minimal! I'm gonna recommend it to everyone!
by David Z.
Awesome service
I'm a very satisfied customer of yours and because of that I would like positively rate your web site. I got some access problem recently. I tried to move to another internet provider. As the result, the previous one put me in a block list on his forum. But this situation was solved within several minutes after I found your website. Everything is very easy to understand and works perfectly! Many thanks!
by Gerald M.
I recommend to everyone!
All my life I have been dreaming about such site! Everything I have used before is just a parody comparing to great possibilities of Men In Proxy. I became a client of the site from the first days of its creation. For all this time I haven't regretted choosing it and it will never happen!
by Toney C.
Tech support rules!
Our administrators obviously did too much and besides some social networks they blocked some very important websites for me. To be honest I got tired trying to explain them their wrong point... Recently I found your site and solved my problem at once! Needless to say, while my administrators still think that I'm blocked, I can get on any website I want without any problem.
by Ollie Z.
Thanks from a newbie!
This is what a good proxy site should be like - tons of IP addresses, awesome prices, all the problems are solved in minutes. This is my first visit and everything's so great, I didn't even need the tech support! Thanks!
by Larry Q.
Great anonymous proxy
I was looking for the normal proxy provider quite long time. I was looking for the best combination 'price to quality'. Once I occasionally run on the website Men in Proxy and was very surprised - for so little money they offer very fast proxy servers that have double level anonymity! I would recommend this site to everyone!
by Paul I.
Cool proxy!
There is no doubt that quality, high speed and anonymity of high level is very important for any customer. But I think what is the most important for anybody is the price. The prices I saw on the website 'Men in Proxy' are the lowest in the market and you will just waste your time trying to find even the lower. Exactly their price was the final point which made me to stop and become their client
by Frank E.
My choice ? the Men in Proxy site
When I got blocked on Facebook I thought that my life is over. But fortunately some of my friends, who were already your customers, advised me to try proxies from your website. I tried and it happened, I got access to my Facebook account without any extra efforts. Thank you very much for this!
by Kristopher A.
The best for newbs
I always tell people what I think of them, that's why I often get banned on forums. Thanks to the Men in Proxy site I can freely express my opinions, and let them try and ban me! Now I've got unlimited access to all the sites, and I'm very happy!
by Ira X.
Super prices
As I got to this site, I was pushed by my greed. Think of it - a whole hundred of servers from various countries of the world and for a hilarious price! I didn't think a second before making the purchase. All the servers proved to be working and quite fast. I boasted to a friend about my purchase - now you have two new clients.
by Neil Z.
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