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Reliable site
It is two months today that I'm a client of this site. Through till now, I never had to contact the tech support. Everything works perfectly! Finally someone managed to create something for the people, not for themselves!
by Clyde N.
Wonderful service
With help of your proxy servers a friend of mine managed to win a contest. Of course she didn't take the first place, but the second place and the prize for it was also great. Needless to say that nobody manage to detect her and just the day before yesterday she received her prize.
by Randall S.
Great service
I'd like to thank the Men in Proxy. It's an awesome service. Everything is cool: the prices, the speed and especially the high anonymity. I've never seen a site like this among those providing proxy servers in our segment of the Internet. Thanks.
by Anthony V.
Thanks for wonderful service
What do I say? Good price, quality proxy servers. Particularly I like their speed. Some of them work faster that my own IP. And along with this there is no junk, because the site keeps your condition of anonymity (I have checked it several times and each time it was ok).
by Gregory V.
Good site
I know that Men in Proxy is very famous by their prices because their the lowest on the whole market. I personally spent a lot of time trying to understand their strategy. Maybe they have low price just to attract new customers? But it's already third month since they didn't rise the price even for penny. From the other hand who cares? The main is that the price is low and this makes happy everyone
by John I.
Works for Windows
I was advised to use this website and this website became my first try in proxy world. Two months have already passed and I don't think I would search for different one. I'm fully satisfied with Men in Proxy. Even once, during night I got some problems with the proxies, but their technical support helped me immediately without taking into account that it's a middle of the night and everybody should be sleeping
by Dennis M.
Thanks for the great quality!
Thanks, I didn't expect to have so many proxy servers on the list for such prise. The most interesting about it - they are really anonymous and operational. I will thank the friend who told about your site for sure.
by Robert C.
Service of my dreams
They really helped me out here. When I found out that proxy unblocks facebook, I needed after our administrators' ‘work', I managed to regain all my access.
by Robert T.
It's so simple!
Guys like me, are teased and called ‘dummies' in the internet, but even with my small knowledge, I managed to understand what proxy server is and how it use it. I didn't even call the tech support - what for? It's simple and easy to understand.
by Nicholas N.
The minimal price around for such a service
In past I used to browse websites through some demos of paid programs that can change your IP address. The main disadvantage was that these free demos weren't working properly, almost all proxies I found in them were dead and those ones which were alive was so slowly that I used to take me 5-10 minutes to open a single page. I decided to change my strategy and subscribed for the service at Men In Proxy, the cost was very, very little. And you won't believe, for this very, very little price I got very, very fast proxy servers. Amazing, isn't it?
by Philip Z.
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