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Thanks, everything's fine
I learned about Men in Proxy from a friend, he's a long time client of your site. He said lots of nice things about the technical support, though I didn't have to contact it - everything's pretty clear as it is.
by Chris R.
Thanks for the cool services
I was surprised in a good way by the services of the site and by the prices! Immediately after payment I received the fresh proxy, a hundred of them and from different countries! That's awesome!!! Today I can become a user from Madagascar, and in a couple minutes I can be someone from Japan! Thanks!
by Samuel P.
I'm satisfied with the price
The prices are just surreal, I've studied various suggestions, visited forums, here's the only place with best combination of quantity and prices. Personally I'm very happy when I don't have to pay extra and get a good deal.
by Marcus A.
Wonderful site
I don't know how you can afford such low prices, but I surely know - I like them! Before I learned about this site, I could by just twenty IP addresses and here, the same money can get me a hundred! I'm awfully glad to work with your service!
by Scott G.
Thanks for the price
I'm just enchanted by your site, at first I thought it's some sort of mistake when I saw the price, but no - that's exactly what I was asked to pay. Easy to notice you're really thinking about the client.
by Cedrick W.
Respect from a long time client
I'm not going to give myself and my occupation away, so I'll say just one thing. I've used this site's service, I keep using it and I will do it in the future. It's far superior to any rivals, because there's the great quality and also the very nice price.
by Clarence P.
Men in Proxy has a great team
It's an awesome proxy service. First everything is done in very simple way, you don't need to have any skills to setup, install and do other boring stuff - the installation takes just couple of minutes and it's a piece of cake. And secondly it's already third month since their proxy servers work in 100% uptime way. Can you believe this? Plus the price, the price! It's the lowest on the whole market. Wheeee!!! I'm very happy customer of their
by John T.
A hundred IP addresses here
I think I'm almost the first customer of Men in Proxy. Too much time went since I became their customer. During all this period, there is no even a little reason I should to complain. The speed and uptime of their proxy lists is always 100% plus the tech support, in case you need it, I personally never needed it, but in case you need, it works 24 hours per day. Oh, yeah, I fully forgot what made me to choose them, it's the price. You won't find the smaller price on the whole net! Just for them!
by Taylor R.
Many thanks
I'm not surprised with the fact that the site 'Men in Proxy' is so popular. Their almost free services are well known and are spoken by many people. And I would like to become their customer too because I want to take an advantage of their high-speed proxy servers too. They are really the best!
by Clark Z.
Tech support always online
I'm a customer of MenInProxy for the third month. I have no claims and even more, on the contrary, I'm very pleased with everything, especially with the price and the quantity of proxies I get for this price! To be honest, just several days ago, I tried to find cheaper proxy offer but didn't manage to find any. MenInProxy is the cheapest proxy website.
by Scott R.
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