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My recommendation
It's often that you can read in the Internet that free proxy servers are great, ‘expensive doesn't mean quality' and stuff like this. But I've found out that it's better to buy a paid proxy than waste your time with free ones, with their low speed, disconnections and spam that keeps you from getting anywhere.
by Craig D.
Men in Proxy ? great team
Nice, attentive guys in here. Always eager to help, they're really got at explaining stuff to the clients. I've learned some useful stuff, thanks to them, while taking care of my problem. Now I feel like an IT specialist!
by Wayne Z.
The prices are decent, that's what's good
You can throw a stone on me if the site 'Men in Proxy' is not the best of the best. I am pleasantly surprised by the size of packages and the prices they offer! This site completely meets my needs. Thanks to the people who took part in creating this marvelous website!
by Alexander D.
Now I don't care about admins
I was attracted by the price. Though I wasn't expecting nothing good, the price was really small, I gave it a try and wasn't wrong. The quality is very high and in comparison to its price it's just very hard to believe in it. But it's true. They do offer very high quality for just little money!
by Jeffrey F.
Respect to owners!
Hey there, great respect! This proxy site really rulez guys! I've been hanging in here for 3 months already, its just l33t. Admins are cool, I just love the tech support guys. It's just great!
by Joseph Y.
Wonderful service
This service is amazing! Only here you can find a list of fast proxies almost free of charge! I'm going to be the client of this site forever and ever, because I've never seen such service for such a good price.
by Thomas T.
Thanks for proxy
I am writing for those ones who is surfing through the net trying to find some fresh proxies. Trust me, there is no reason to continue, you won't find anything better then it's offered here. The Prices are minimal; the proxies have multi-anonymity; the speed of them is great and the most important round-the-clock support. Try it yourself - do not waste your time.
by Curtis O.
Your service is the best
I mostly use the private proxy. They give me the maximum speed that allows me not just surf the Internet - I'm virtually flying! And just so you know, sometimes these proxys are much faster than the real speed of my Internet provider.
by Ronald D.
The best choice here
Most content for my site about latest technical novelties is taken from American sites. Sadly, some of them are closed for visitors from our country. I found a fast USA proxy on your service, now I can work without anything to hinder my efforts!
by Rickey U.
Proved security
Some time ago, I found out that the admins in our company use proxy in their work, too. They explained it's one of the ways to stop hackers' attacks. I was surprised to know that they use the services of your site too.
by Kenneth M.
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