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Great prices!
I visited this site because of suggestion of a friendly software developer and I'm very satisfied. The prices are so low they're unreal, IP addresses are fast, and the purchase only took 5 minutes tops. I didn't even have to ask the tech support for assistance.
by Timothy P.
My respect for quick response
I'm not a pro user and I'm not going to become any. I'm not interested in any technical options but the only thing I want is fast and always working proxy. Exactly this I managed to get at MenInProxy website. Not more and not less but at the moment I'm very satisfied with the proxies they give me
by Nathan Y.
Super price!
Sadly, very often, when you pay money in the Internet you don't get anything in return. First I couldn't really trust the Men in Proxy because of their prices, but I took the risk and got awesome product. The speed of proxy servers is good, too - it's just flying now!
by Bryan B.
Tech support rules
Many thanks for your service. To be honest I didn't believe in your quality to much at the beginning, I just couldn't believe that one can offer good proxy for the price you ask. And I was totally wrong. The proxy servers are very fast, uptime is 100% and what is the most important for me they do have promised two level anonymity. Men in Proxy is the best!!
by James F.
Awesome settings!
After a long time of proxy browsing over Internet, finally I went to the site Man in Proxy. At first I was concerned about the fact that they can offer these amount of proxies for such little price but later I got, yes they do can! The speed is fast, uptime is 100% and there is nothing one can complain about
by Gerard U.
All right, good to go
I just wanted to give your service a try. It proved to be normal, so yesterday I purchased it the second time, and the quality was just as good. I like the various proxy servers (it's possible to use virtually any country), the list is rather nice and big too, but the most attractive is the lowest price on the market.
by Dennis I.
Timely help
I like surfing the Internet at late hours and at night. I regularly use the Men in Proxy services. One time late at night I had a problem. The unblocking proxy I was offered helped me to solve the problem in seconds. Thanks!
by Charles R.
Tech support is the best!
Great service with multiple features! The tech support is especially nice. They helped me solve a problem that I made myself really quickly. Thank you for the understanding and for friendly attitude. It's so rare on sites like this today!
by Jerald N.
Works fine for me!
My sincere thanks to the guys from tech support. I admit - I tried to get it right for some time, but couldn't understand the problem, so I asked for help. The smart guys explained everything quickly and easily, I'm sure I wouldn't get to it myself.
by Michael O.
Gratitude response
I used to feel bad about working with proxy servers. Had some experience with free ones, and they're usually slow and full of spam. Your list was a nice surprise - not too expensive and lots of proxies.
by Lee X.
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