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Technical support is the best
Where did you find so professional technical support? I was shocked: they managed to explain to my sister what I had been trying to tell her for a week. Now she keeps telling that if the teachers at school were so patient and could explain that well, she would be an A-student.
by Robert C.
Thank you for promptness
Your products have already been praised, so I want to join. Particularly I want to say about convenient order and payment process. It is very clear and simple. Response for your order is immediate. You pay - and in couple of minutes you can use the service.
by Glen C.
Gratitude of a long-time client
I've been using your service for months. One thing I can say: everything satisfies me. It's not easy to find a service of such quality in the Internet. One hundred proxy servers in the list! Other resources charge twice or even thrice more money for such products.
by Teddy Q.
Good service
I got blocked on a foreign dating site because of my own stupid mistake, and the girls are so hot there!!! I can't generate IP by myself, so I decided to use your site. Once I bought the proxy, I was able to get to my favourite site immediately! My respect to the creators!
by Reed Y.
Thank you
My friend earns money using sites that sell traffic. He's doing okay, and I decided to try it, too. But it turned out that I need clean proxy servers for that. That's when I found this site. A hundred proxy servers, and for such a democratic price! The list payed off in two days, and then I started to gain profit.
by Clarence O.
Excellent site!
This high-speed source conquered me couple of months ago. Due to it and its possibilities (I use web surfing proxy) my income on the Internet has increased several times lately!
by Samuel X.
Good resource
I started using proxy sites several years ago. Frankly speaking, I think that the Men in Proxy web site is a great example of the best quality for acceptable price. I've only been a client of this site for a couple months, but I think our collaboration will last much longer.
by Wilber Y.
YouTube is with us
At my work they have made control and discipline stricter. First of all they blocked our favorite sites. But we didn't mourn long, we knew pretty well where to go. We got used to revive our spirits, and YouTube proxy returned to us soon.
by Sam V.
Good site
I have been using this site not really for a long time. But I am pretty sure we will have long effective cooperation. Due to unique IP-addresses I can solve different marketing issues fast and efficiently.
by Thomas C.
Stable source
Your internet source is probably one of the best proxy sites that exist nowadays. I was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities I got when I became your client. Thanks to you my work with advertisement boards became much easier.
by Steven B.
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