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Once upon a time in a forum...
A forum where I was active had 2 sections – Russian users had access only to one section, and all the others – to both of them (there was an IP check). The second section had so much useful information that I decided to do whatever it takes to get there. First I thought about hacking, but when I found your service I solved all the problems!
by Donnie P.
Reliable security of Men In Proxy
When I found out that they install such security level, I didn't think much, it was obvious that I'd choose Men In Proxy. To tell the truth, I didn't know about two levels of anonymity, never met it before. But stability inspires more confidence.
by Nicholas S.
I'm satisfied
I'm used to working with only the most powerful and universal parsers of search engines. I use Xrefer in my work, and I need the fresh proxy like the water. It's important for them to be not too expensive, too. I found all that on the Men in Proxy site. Thank you!
by Irving J.
Really the best proxy server
I have known about the possibility of anonymous connection. I tried services of different companies that I had contacted for a while, and I thought that there was no better option until I found this site. It turned out to be the best proxy server nowadays.
by Newton A.
Cool prices
I'm glad that there is tech support on this site. It's the first time I used proxy, and I had many questions. The best thing is that the tech support works round the clock (I got answers for my questions at 6 in the morning as well as at 12 at night).
by Mark D.
Stability is the main thing
Though I paid for the proxy list, now I can be sure that I have many servers with normal characteristics handy. I can choose any proxy and not worry about it “dying” when I need it the most, because it works stable.
by Andrew P.
Great site
I want to join grateful clients of the site. Due to your clear new IP addresses uploading files has become easier and better. I can't even imagine how I lived without your internet source 3 months ago! Thanks to the developers of this wonderful site!
by Randall K.
I recommend
First I thought that prices would be low just for a while to attract more clients. But I have been using this site for the second month already and the prices haven't changed, plus there are no obligatory payments that they have on other sites.
by Edward Y.
Ninja proxy rules!
I don't know what about you, but I liked ninja proxy. Due to it I avoid any blocks that were created for my IP address and get access to any content I am interested at. And what is important, it doesn't cost much.
by Joseph C.
I recommend!
Because of automatic drive up without changing IP addresses my YouTube was blocked. But thanks for your site not only my YouTube was unblocked, but my videos became popular. Thanks to your service for helping me with advertising of homeware!
by Ramon Y.
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