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Thank you for the price
I was never quite satisfied with free sites (couldn't feel content with their quality), and I didn't want to waste money on paysites. After I accidentally got to this site and viewed the prices, I couldn't help but purchase a list of proxy servers. I was all over it in minutes, I didn't even need to contact the tech support.
by Stephen Z.
Good site
I don't want to repeat what has been said before. I just want to add that the site is really good. Personally I choose private proxies for scrapebox. This program is quite expensive, but thanks to your site I can use program efficiently. Thank you for such possibilities.
by Mitchell S.
Saved from the ban
There's a chat that I've been visiting for years (I have many acquaintances there, a high rating, etc), and recently the moderators' team changed. I had some problems with one of the new moderators, and as a result I found myself banned. Contacting the administration did nothing for me, and I decided to use your proxy list. Thankfully, now I once again have my chat and my friends.
by William L.
Polite tech support
I was very interested to know why I don't get the proxy that I have payed for so long ago. I wrote a letter to the tech support, I must confess it was a little bit rude. Still, I got a very polite answer, telling that they did not receive an order from me. As it turned out, the payment system set my payment into 'waiting' mode and that was my fault. I am sorry guys!!!
by Guy C.
The best for newbs
While checking out the social network I accidentally clicked a dangerous link. As a result someone started sending spam from my account, and I got IP blocked. I was cut off from all my friends, all the unread messages. So I decided to use your service. I'm very pleased by the price and by the working speed, too!
by Michael J.
The best site
When I bought the IP addresses package on Men in Proxy site for the first time, I wasn't really sure that I would get the proxy list of one hundred addresses. But I was glad to no limits when I got it just in seconds! That's the best there is in similar resources!
by Ismael E.
Thank you
Who understands in real benefit, he chooses Men In Proxy. Only here I have an opportunity to get 5 times (!) more IP addresses comparing to other sources! Isn't it great? I am very satisfied. Thanks to developers for such a useful site.
by Robert K.
My best recommendations!!!
I needed many proxys and I registered on three free sites at once. I immediately felt bad about getting just one proxy at a time, and that they didn't work stable. I was very glad when I found your service, because I got multiple proxys at ones - just what I needed. Besides, they're very fast and very stable, and that's the most important part!
by David M.
Meeting online
I talk to girls a lot in the web, and of course I give them, some false data about myself (to make myself more interesting to them). But now, since the technology is advanced, many of them know how to get true information (particularly about my location). Since I purchased your 100 proxy list, all the problems with possible unmasking were solved. It's a great service.
by Todd S.
Cool service
I use xrefer program too. I used to buy IPs on similar source before, but the price was 3 times higher and the number of IPs only 20 instead of 100 on this site. I was really shocked how much I had to overpay before!
by Philip E.
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