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Thank you for help
I thought I was blocked from facebook forever. But my friend gave me a link to Men In Proxy. I can't describe how happy I was! Couple of minutes for service order and you get IP addresses! I use this social network again.
by Richard P.
Speed check
My boss asked me to find out which proxy service would be better for him to use. I contacted the tech support of many sites. After taking into account all the details I was sure to recommend your site to my boss. Pretty much the key criteria were that the reply came very fast, plus it was a very polite reply, plus all the sides of my problem were viewed.
by James I.
Ideal site
As for me, you can't find anything better than Men In Proxy! Only here I got all I needed: low price, great possibilities, friendly technical support, and high speed of service. I am sure everyone here has found something he liked.
by John Z.
Good site
I've spent lots of time looking for sites to unblock Facebook, and finally I found this quality and well-priced resource. The prices for the services were a nice surprise to me, so I decided to try the suggestions on the site. I haven't regretted my choice so far.
by Michael Z.
Good site
I see that the majority of clients of your site buys IP for xrumer, but I like the unique program itself, not as the addon to xrefer. Due to your quality and cheap source I don't have to overpay. Respect to developers of the site.
by Ronald I.
Fast order processing
Almost every time when I was buying hosting and proxy, I had to wait a whole day for the order to be processed. My friend told me that here proxy are available literally in five minutes after paying. Of course, I didn't believe him, but I decided to try anyway. Very soon after paying I could use the proxys!!! I'm very pleased!!!
by Ismael H.
Unexpected solution
After getting to a dating site for the first time I registered there. I chatted with many people, but I didn't really like anyone. And finally I found a nice girl (from France). We've almost agreed to meet already, and then suddenly I got blocked because 'they decided I was a bot'. There was no time to waste by contacting the administration. Since I knew the speed of your order processing, I bought a 100 IP list from your service and got back on the site. By the way, that girl and I recently got married!
by Joseph J.
Cool service
Wow!!! I used to buy a package of 20 IP addresses for xrefer, and here for the same price you offer 5 times more! I didn't believe it until I became your client. I will recommend it to friends so that they knew about your advantages!
by Anthony J.
You can get great parcing
I got all I needed in Men in Proxy real quick. All I had to do was buy proxy, and xrefer gave me google parsing. You can use this program to easily parse any sites you want. If you're interested in this, I can promise you'll be satisfied.
by John Y.
Thanks to the tech support
I'd like to note the round the clock technical support. True professionals work there. They managed to answer all the questions that I, a internet newbie, was interested in, and they did it quickly and clearly. Thanks a lot for the understanding and attention!
by Charles P.
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