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Respect to developers
Unbelievable, but cheap socks proxy exists nowadays! I am won over by Men In Proxy and its stunning possibilities. I have been and will be your faithful and devoted client forever!
by Mario J.
You are the best!
Saying 'I came, I saw, I paid, I use' is just about this site. The best thing I have ever seen is the list of clean non-spammed anonymous proxy servers from different countries of the world, and you can get it for peanuts!
by Robert W.
Great service
I couldn't find a way to unblock Facebook for free, until my friends told me about a really working source. Your site has made my life considerably easier! Thank you very much!
by Jack Y.
Good speed at Men In Proxy
I want to recommend to everyone to use proxy from Men In Proxy. I know the subject for a long time and can compare, I mean I am experienced. Speed attracts you at once, I have never met speed like that before, and it is important for the majority, because at high speed you are not troubled.
by Roy M.
Individual votes
Recently I needed to win a contest of a mobile project. I needed it really badly – it was about a hefty sum of money. Since I don't have many friends, I had very few votes. First I wanted to find a hacker who may help me, but that would cause too many problems. And so I found myself on your site. I was only too happy to buy a great heap of IPs and to win the contest!
by Ronald G.
I need access at work
Because I had to spend most of my time at work I wasn't really happy with blocking social web site by our administrators. But to every restriction there is an efficient solution. Otherwise how can I stay informed without unblocking? Now everything is ok and the business doesn't suffer.
by Darryl U.
Flawless site
Finally I have a chance to save on prices, not on quality. My xrefer literally flies due to your unique IP addresses. Thank you very much for creating such a useful source. I became one of your clients with pleasure!
by John P.
We're satisfied with advertisement posting
I can use proxy in my work pretty much every day, that's the specifics of our company. I'm glad that I've found a good partner in Men in Proxy. Using xrumer I post advertisements on the sites that promote us and those that we choose ourselves.
by Ira B.
Here they sell fresh proxy!
Men In Proxy site is really cool. Because they have all I need for the price that suits me just fine. Buying here I am absolutely sure that I will get non-transparent and stable fresh proxy.
by Timothy O.
Proxy + Xrefer
I often parsed many sites, it's very profitable, but it was so small-scale that I soon had to stop. Once I bought 1000 proxy from you, I got to a new level of parsing. The income from parsing has already got many times higher than the price of a list of 1000 proxy. I recommend this to everyone, since the server is very fast and secure!!!
by Anthony G.
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