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The best quality
Usually, when you contact tech support, you only get the answer in two days or so. Sometimes there's just no answer. Still, when I had a question concerning proxy, I decided to contact the technical support on your site. I was very surprised to receive the answer the same evening. And it was all very polite, although I guess my question wasn't too hard.
by Rick W.
It's a low price for 100 addresses
The price impresses. Actually nobody is ready to include 100 IP addresses for proxy. Usually they offer three times less for the same price. There is nothing to think about, conditions are incomparable. The profit is obvious and there are no competitors.
by Mark X.
Great website!
I earn extra-money on advertisement, but after couple of clicks I stop getting money. Due to the list of one hundred genuine and unique IP addresses I could increase my income several times. I pay for the site service and I am still in the black!
by David M.
I recommend!
Thanks to your site I became a traveler without leaving my favorite armchair in front of my computer. Unique IP addresses make me a representative of different countries each time. And for such service I pay absurd money. I am satisfied with my possibilities. I recommend it!
by Adam K.
I cheated the admins
Thanks to your proxy list I've been successfully deceiving the admins on the site. They often have beauty contests there, and I add votes for me using your proxy. It's a great way of taking care of rivals. Besides, the prices for proxy are much lower than the cost of the contest's prizes.
by Donald E.
Cool site
That's the real deal! I've got access to my favorite resource just thanks to your perfect site! I even got depressed after I was blocked! But then I discovered Men in Proxy, and my life had meaning again! Now I'm immune to the sites' mods!
by Peter M.
I recommend
I can tell a lot about benefits of your site. But I won't do that. I will just say that I have never seen more secure proxy list for xrefer program. I will use it in the future.
by Franklin N.
Counter Strike
I'm playing on a Counter Strike server. I've been playing for a long time, so I'm pretty good. But the administrators thought that anyone who plays better than they do has to be a cheater, so they banned me. I found your site and immediately bought a list of 100 proxys. Now I don't care about server bans (at least, the first hundred! :))
by Malcolm D.
Good site
I don't consider myself to be an advanced user, but I don't feel inexperienced with Men In Proxy. It's all simple and clear here, and it works safely and consistently. I am satisfied with this Internet source that is client-oriented, as many people say.
by Carl Z.
Nice to meet you
I think I was lucky to find your site. I used to buy proxies from the other source before, but it was much more expensive, and I thought I wouldn't find anything better. You won me over both with your price and the number of proxies on the list. Plus they work pretty quickly, and respect for stability.
by Carl V.
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