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Quality site
Those are great service and price!!! I have never seen so fast ip proxies before that work from Australia to the USA. Thank you very much from your regular customer that surfs foreign dating sites!
by Marshall D.
Thank you for being around!
When I was told about existence of free fast proxy server, I didn't believe it. But now I started surprising my friends, telling them about cheap and quality service of your internet-site - Thank you!
by Scott H.
Good site
I am completely satisfied by cooperation with this site. Sufficient amount of services at reasonable price has already made this source popular. I am sure they will be able to maintain the positions. Good job, keep it up! Voluntary hostage of your unique quality service.
by Henry L.
Thank you
My friend had a trouble at school - school admin blocked facebook. I decided to help her and showed how to unblock facebook in school using the list of proxy servers that I bought from your site. She is glad, and I have clients - her classmates.
by Richard W.
Secure defence
I've already used some proxy before I found your service; including free ones (I needed them to hide my IP). Still there were some people who managed to break through the weak proxy security and find out my IP. You, however, gave me a 100% guarantee of safety – a double protection of IP. This is the best service of all similar once, and not just in runet!
by Loyd Q.
Thanks to technical support
Thank you for 24/7 technical support! When someone at night knocked down xrefer settings my IP addresses stopped working. But I can get competent assistance from your friendly employees. Thank you for helping me with solving my issue!
by Robert Y.
Efficient source
Internet source Men In Proxy is the best proxy site for me. Auctions were a torment for me, but due to your package of unique IP addresses everything has changed. Now work brings me only joy!
by James U.
I value the quality
I like using Skype, but I don't want anyone to find out my location using my IP address. I found a way to solve this problem, and it's your site. Two levels of protection, low price and high speed... what could be better? Only the existence of the site by itself, probably.
by Bobby J.
Wonderful site
I bet my friend that I'd get 100 view of my video on YouTube in just one day. I used your relatively cheap list of 100 proxys and won the bet! Now I keep using this list to get more view on YouTube.
by Brady D.
Gratitude from the students
During examinations session in our dormitory the access to social networks and YouTube was blocked for all the students. So anxious young minds of resident geniuses started looking for the exit from this situation. We tried many websites to unblock YouTube, but we finally chose this one. Your service proved to be of high quality and for a price that's just fine for the students.
by Matt L.
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