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Thank you for the possibilities.
I always wanted to find a proxy server that would hide both my IP and the fact that I use a proxy. What's the sense of hiding your IP if it is obvious that you are protected by proxy? Thanks to your site my little dream has come true.
by Aaron E.
Like a rocket
Some time ago I made a questionnaire about the choice quality of proxy. Many people choose your site. Their arguments were that your proxy are much faster than free ones, they never break, and the price is even too low for such quality. I completely agree with them!
by Nathan K.
Super site
I just love the Xrefer program, but since I had a fixed IP address it got blocked fast. Most proxy sites charge three times more than the real cost, but your site is something really cool! Now the program works normally!
by Robert E.
I recommend
Today many sites offer proxies if not for free, then for a very low price. But nobody can be sure about the quality of such product. This site offers 100% secure proxy server list - I have checked it many times.
by Roy U.
I recommend
Men in Proxy is a reasonable source without write-up value but with first-rate quality! I have been looking for such site for xrefer program. Even though I have been your client only for a month, I recommend to everyone to evaluate the advantages of cooperation!
by Stephen B.
Good service
I got used to buying IP addresses for my xrefer from one source, but when they raised their price 3 times I started looking for more profitable option of security proxy websites. And I found it! Your site suits me completely! Thank you!
by Samuel I.
A video worth a million
Some time ago I participated in a 'best short film' contest on my friend's site. Naturally, one man could only vote once. I've found your site, and for 75 dollars I got 1000 votes ahead! P. S. And I got the first prize, too!
by Edward N.
Thank you!
For me the Internet is like a second life! It's so much easier to make new acquaintances and to communicate in here. But recently the access to foreign site was blocked for me because of an IP ban. Everything changed when I became your devoted client! Thank you!
by David Y.
Cool service
I've only recently started using this web site, but I already like all the advantages. Thank to a huge list of IP addresses (100 of them!!!) I can use Xrumer for all its worth. Thanks to the creators for such a useful service. I'm your client forever!
by Jose S.
Thanks to developers!
I have been using this site not for a long time, but I had a chance to appreciate the advantages I have access to. High-speed stable service was appreciated by my friends after my recommendations. Thanks to developers for creating such a useful site.
by Clifford B.
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