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Fantastic speed
I needed to use proxy urgently. Since I didn't have time to wait for the free services to answer, I used your site (a friend of mine recommended it). And I saw that it was the right thing to do: as soon as I sent the money, I got the access to proxy at once. Now I use it pretty often :)
by Andrew M.
Great service
It was 12 at night that I suddenly needed proxy. I got them on this site once already, but it was necessary for my goals to find out about some details. I wrote a letter to the tech support, though I didn't really hope to get the answer at such a late hour. I was surprise to receive the answer in 15 minutes! It's a great service.
by Charles U.
They help day and night
Quite often I stay up surfing the internet until early morning, as many people do. We don't have power problem at night quite often, but still we have them, and that's what exactly happened once. I contacted the technical support just in case, and 24-hour service helped me out. I am really grateful!
by Martin G.
Great anonymous proxy
I work in Internet marketing, and because of this I needed your proxy list. Now I have high speed and upload the files that I need to spread around file sharing services without any risk! I recommend this site to everyone!
by Joshua N.
The most profitable price of proxy server
If you compare the price policy of all companies offering such service, you won't be able to find a lower price for such package. If you use credit system, you have to keep a strict budget and cheap private proxy in this case come in handy.
by Gerard B.
Respect to you!
YouTube was blocked at our school. I can only guess why the school administration made such decision. It stressed me out until yesterday (a friend recommended your site). Now I can unblock youtube in school and I am not worried about their authorization
by Jimmy Q.
Thank you
Thanks to you site I solved many problems. But some of my best cards are still anonymity and non-transparency provided by your list of proxy servers. I recommended this site to my friends and they are satisfied too.
by Brian O.
The best service
There are still good people in the world and they created Men In Proxy! Only here I discovered access to secure proxy server list literally for peanuts, many thanks to the developers!
by Scott U.
I am satisfied with the service
I was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of this site! Only due to this source I can surf web anonymously and almost for free. I have been using this site for a month and still haven't called the technical support. Thank you for the site.
by Eric D.
Attentive tech support
I'm a long-time client of your site (I've been using your proxy for more than 3 months, and up to now I'm your satisfied and devoted client). There are several reasons for that, but the main one is that you have very fast order processing. When I'm interested in something, there's something I don't quite understand, I don't worry – I contact the tech support. I've never had to ask another question on the topic I was asking about, and all the answers are very polite!!!
by Wayne E.
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