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Works fine for me!
Sometimes I need to add to the quantity of votes in the Internet voting. The less information about me is in the web, the better for me - that's very important. Using your proxy, I'm guaranteed to get a hidden IP, and I'm very grateful for that.
by Jesus N.
Great site
May be I will repeat, but this site is really great, it offers a lot of possibilities for a ridiculous price. Thanks to you my life has become much better! I have a feeling that I caught a bluebird. I recommend this site to everyone!
by Robert F.
My respect to the creators
I've started using xrumer just recently, and I couldn't find a proxy list that would combine good price and good quality. When I got to your site I saw just what I needed – 100 proxies for 25 dollars, just a dream considering the speed and security! I think of buying a list of 1000 proxy soon, because I feel I can trust your site.
by Earl C.
Great service
People, do you know that you can use Men In Proxy IP addresses for communicating on foreign dating sites as well? I tried to sign up and I did it! Great service without analogues on price and quality!
by Robert E.
I'm pleased
I often need to work with public bulletin boards. A ban is something I'm used to. Until recently I got around it using socks proxy, but after, I accidently discovered your site, I decided to become your client. I'm satisfied with everything! A cool and cheap service!
by Stephen W.
I got proxy at the same moment
I liked that everything happened without delays and troubles. I contacted them, found out what I was interested at, and had advice. After payment I had complete private proxy review and high speed without any nerve-wracking.
by Joseph W.
The site is super!
I usually used a cheap proxy server surfing the Internet. The advantages of it are obvious, but such problems like slow speed and loss of connection didn't pass by. A friend told me that it was possible to save money with you, but without any damage to myself.
by Michael N.
Good site
I used to prefer socks proxy, because I thought there was nothing cheaper. I was so wrong! The Men in Proxy site is the best, not only in quality, but also in prices! Although I became a client of this resource rather late, but still it's better to know than to live ignorant.
by Thomas H.
Cool service
I have never used proxy sites before, because I used to rely on myself. That's why I bought secure proxy server list out of interest. But I was infinitely surprised to have much more possibilities! Respect to the developers of this site!
by Keith L.
Technical support is the best
My great respect to the technical support! People are asleep, but you are working. It's so good to be your client and you can fix any my mistake! Thank you for help, I started thinking that my xrefer was about to die. Thank you once again!
by James X.
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