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Thx for quality
I got interested in 'Men in Proxy' website because they can offer proxy servers with very high degree of anonymity. After payed a penny I got a product of very high quality! Now I know, if paradise really exists, it has a name 'Men in Proxy'! I would recommend them to everyone
by Mark T.
Getting around foreign filters
Sometimes I face a problem: some foreign sites only allow users with IP of a specific country, while they have very important information to me. That's why I keep the list of proxy servers I bought from you for such cases.
by Christopher O.
Thanks for the proxy
I'm a total newbie in proxy servers though I should admin that this site is constructed in very easy way, I can understand everything without any help from the side. It's already one week since I'm doing everything by my own and haven't contacted their tech support for any advice. Got surprised by their simplicity I decided to advise this website to all my friends who have problem with blocked sites like facebook and youtube.
by Mark T.
Good resource
Do I really have to say, how hard it is to unblock the access to social networks without any help? I don't think so. Thankfully, there are still good men in the world, like the ones that created the Men in Proxy site! I like everything here, although I can't say anything about the tech support. I never contacted them, since everything works just fine.
by Darryl D.
A gratitude responce
I used to think that the sites are advertised just to line customers' pockets. But I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the site 'Men in Proxy' was advertised to create a permanent customer base. At the same time they (customers) receive a quality product at low price. Thank you for existing!
by Jose A.
100% satisfied with the site
I'm using your service regularly and I've recommended it to all of my friends. Everyone seems to be pleased. We're just flying all over the Internet, thanks to your proxy servers list. It's like owning a rocket!
by David P.
Good site
I confess - I used to think, this site is all advertisement and nothing useful. Looks like I was wrong. There are really cheap proxy servers with reasonable prices. I was surprised in a good way to see such possibilities.
by Wilbert R.
I recommend
All proxy provides can promises you anonymity but only Men In Proxy can offer proxy servers with double level anonymity. Since I'm from Africa all websites has my ip blacklisted by default. But with help of double level anonymity proxy servers I can browse any site I want!
by Vernon R.
Good stuff ? my recommendations!
In past I had lots of problems with proxies. All proxies I had were very slow, it was almost impossible to open even a simple plain site, or all of the downloaded proxies were marked as spammed ones and I got blocked from almost all sites I wanted to visit. But now the situation is different, I'm so glad that I became Men in Proxy customer, their proxy servers are the best ones on the net!
by Willie P.
No problem with time
The speed of getting served is important to me. I'm a busy man, sometimes I can't control the time of making the next payment. Sometimes I miss that time. I use Men in Proxy. When I make the payment, I can continue working the very next minute.
by Brandon M.
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