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Thanks for saving time
I used your service to gain a list of proxy servers. I used to work with free ones before, and spent a lot of time to build long chains and hide my tracks. Now with your list I know it's just a waste of time, because your proxys are anonymous by themselves!
by James E.
Respect to the site creators!
I was a client of this site since its first days, basically. Five of my friends have already appreciated it. It's good to feel like a specialist, because I really know a thing or two about cheap proxy servers.
by Brian E.
Really super site!
The most important thing for me is tech support. This site is the one that values its clients! I like working at night, and when I needed help in 4 AM, I got the answer in five minutes. The problem was solved quickly. I didn't lose my costly time!
by Vincent L.
My dreams come true
I'm not a new customer. I'm using them for several months already. I like the product, the price, the speed and the quality. Previously, at the beginning I had some minor problems (caused by me) but tech support helped me to solve them immediately.
by Wayne F.
Ideal service
For me, the most attractive thing on this site is the anonymity. I haven't seen such protection on any other resource! And it's good to work with this site, because only here I found humane attitude to the clients. Thank you for existing in the WWW!
by Walter K.
Great resource
If you ask me, the Men in Proxy site is one of the best private proxy sites. I haven't seen such service and such costs anywhere. That's a resource you must try!
by Lonnie G.
The best for the best
I'm new to proxy servers and then I bough a list of them, I didn't know what to do. First I wanted to go to some forum and ask my question there but later I changed my mind and contacted technical support of Men In Proxy website. I was very supprised by how friendly they were with me, knowing that I'm newbie. That was awesome. Thanks guys for teaching me alphabet of proxy!
by Marty O.
Really cool site!
I think Men in Proxy is kind of regular website. There is nothing one can speak about during several hours. Though I'm not right, the price, these things drives me mad. I just can't imagine how they could manage to create so big packages for so little money. I guess it's an advertising price; they just want to attract more clients… But from the other hand I have nothing against such strategy; the main is that the price is low by the moment
by Craig C.
My respect to you!
I even don't remember properly who did I manage to find this site because this happened quite long time ago. The only thing I remember that I was very surprised by the price I saw, I was getting just 20 ips but here, for the same price I got 100 ips! That's was an offer which made me stop and became their client
by Robert U.
Gratitude of a long-time client
Recently I bought a list of proxy servers here and as a result I would like to write my opinion about it. Though I don't use these proxies very often, I use them at my working place(my admin blocked me an access to Facebook and Myspace) I'm still very satisfied. The speed is high and uptime is 100%. By the moment everything is good, let's see what will be in the future
by Jerry C.
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