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Awesome site
I have used many proxy servers, but the Men in Proxy is the only one that fully satisfies me with their service and reasonable prices. It's reliable, the quality is good, the price is right – that's the resource I need!
by Eric Z.
Prices are low ? I recommend this!
I am a customer and fan of this site for a long time and as result I recommended it to all my friends. By the moment, nor me neither them have any complains. Also what is the most remarkable is their tech support that is open round the clock. At the first there were some situations, but they used to help me with an advice quite fast. It's awesome support team!
by David K.
One hundred IP for the same price!
For a long time, I thought having thirty IP addresses is more than enough - can you believe it? Then I got onto Men in Proxy, which cost the same, too. I couldn't believe it. Now I surely can tell the difference!
by Rafael P.
Nice cheap site
Just can't believe that one can have such an amazing product for so little money. What can I say in general? The interface of your admin zone is very easy, one doesn't need to be any hacker or something of that kind, and everything is very easy to understand from the first seconds. The tech. support - it's very polite and always ready to help. The speed of proxy servers, it can't be even a little faster then they have. So shortly said, five starts!
by Gregory Q.
Pleasant surprise
Great site that really works to help its clients! That's 100% true, it's not just about the cheap services, but also the twenty-four-hour technical support! I salute the creators of this wonderful resource.
by Ralph G.
I cheated the admins using proxy
Once I stayed up till early morning, found an interesting subject and couldn't put it down. I didn't notice how I turned off one of the settings by chance - I thought I was kicked out. I made a call early in the morning, and the guys helped me out - opened my eyes to my own fault.
by Brian G.
I value your quality
I decided to become one of the site's clients, after I saw great quantity of grateful reviews. It didn't look like automatic cheating, so I decided to take a risk. Now I'm another one of your grateful clients, and I'm writing a praising review myself! Thank you for your flawless service!
by Robert I.
The best quality
A friend of mine, a real pro software developer, advised me to try your site. He said that good proxies can be downloaded only from Men In Proxy web site. Since I believe him more then anyone else I gave a try and got very happy. Also the technical support team you have deservers to be noticed in this review. Once they helped me a lot though it was my mistake. They spent about an hour trying to eliminate the mistake in my scripts. Thank you!
by Joseph O.
High quality proxy
I can confirm that it's the best site among other sites I tried. And there are several reasons for it. First, the technical support it works 24 hours per day and always ready to help you. Second, the price is very low, one won't find lower. And third - the amount of ips is significantly huge. All these makes Men in Proxy very unique website!
by Gregory C.
Men in Proxy - choice of the experts
I browsed through hundreds of site to find the real ones with secure proxy. The only resource that satisfied me both in quality and low prices was the Men in Proxy site.
by Richard F.
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