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Cool service
I'm quite familiar with the same proxy websites. I know almost all of them but I should say that Man in Proxy has the best price on the market. One won't get even half of the package at other places for the price this website is asking. Also I would like to say - thank you to technical department, which was very helpful and has the biggest patience in the world! :D You're the best guys!
by Frank B.
These proxy cheat the filters
Both the long list and non-transparent proxy servers have made my day, it means that it won't be so simple to trace me in the Internet. I have been cheated by supercool filters of some web-sites many times. So if you need it - you can buy what you want - the quality of the products is great!
by Edward V.
I recommend that
I prefer working only with professionals. I found the Men in Proxy site through trial and error. In a month of working together I never was displeased with my choice. The service is always high class, better than I've ever seen on such resources.
by William U.
Gratitude from a long-time client
In my line of work, the anonymity of proxy servers is always necessary. I know I can be confident behind the proxy taken from your site. For one thing, they are none transparent and the speed is often better than when I browse internet with my real IP.
by James V.
My respect to the creators
Personally I bought a proxy server to protect my computer from hackers (my friend got his money stolen that way). Anonymous proxy servers can be traced not by anyone. And it is much safer to surf the Internet - you have fewer chances to get viruses.
by Scott Y.
Perfect site
With help of proxy servers from this site I managed to start online shopping. Before that I had some problem with online shops, all my countries ips were blocked by default. But when I got some fresh USA proxy servers from Men in Proxy I became an American and very welcomed by a huge variety of online shops. Awesome work guys!
by Matthew V.
Proxy without any problems
If you're trying to find more secure proxy servers then 'Men in Proxy' can offer, be sure that you will waste your time. Why are you looking for the better service if you just have found the best one?! The quality of proxies I got here is of the highest lever! The quality and the price - these two things which made me stop here.
by Victor K.
Thank you for the possibilities
I recommend the services of your site to everyone. The reason is that here one can find the best quality fast anonymous proxy list that gives a normal user unlimited possibilities in the worldwide web. And the prices are incredible, too.
by Michael Q.
Problem solved
The site 'Men in Proxy' attracted me by its quality and quantity of the proxy servers they can offer. Also their cost was times lower than on the similar resources. By the moment I can say that I enjoyed being their customer and would confirm that I would stay their customer for the rest of my life!
by Steven M.
Thank you for quality
I've been using proxy servers for a long time now - it's convenient to surf the web anonymously and the chances to get some virus into your machine - are less, too. The only problem is getting some quality proxies but I found such good ones on your site.
by Dave A.
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