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I've always thought my proxy had the best quality. I started doubting when my friend showed how your product works, laughing at my surprise. Frankly speaking, I was shocked a little - such a low price and such high quality!
by Doug O.
I used to buy proxy servers for the long time but almost always my IP was detected. I really couldn't get the idea how they could get my real IP... But once I came across Men in Proxy, I liked their site and decided to become their client. I hit their technical department asking, can they guarantee that I won't be detected. And you know? They explained why I was detected before, it's because I was sold transparent or simply anonymous proxies while Men in Proxy sells only double level anonymous proxy servers. It's already one month since I'm using their proxies and wasn't yet detected by anyone!
by Guadalupe Q.
Just a super site!
Thank you for the huge list of proxy servers! That's going to last a long time, save me lots of time and money (try and find normal proxies in the net, I dare you). And let me tell you, the prices are rather friendly.
by Irving Z.
Great price to quality ratio
Finally I have found a proxy site that is serviced by normal people, specially 24/7 technical support that answers all your questions instantaneously. By the nature of my job I have to buy IP-addresses every day, and here it is cheaper and faster.
by James E.
Easy settings
I like how easy the settings at Men in Proxy are. There's no need to wait, the next minute after making the payment, you get a fast anonymous list of proxy, and there you have it – option to download list via link is all yours too!
by Scott G.
Farewell to blocks!
Thank you for the proxy list - now I'm free to surf the web! Now it doesn't matter how hard the admins try to block some sites, even geographically, they always failed. Also I got anonymity as a bonus.
by William F.
Tech support rules
I don't know what the reason was, but I couldn't access the website I tried many solutions but the result was the same, there was no access. And the, occasionally I got know about your site. I read all reviews and got that your customers are quite happy with your. And I decided to give it a try. And you know what? You have one happier customer now! I have access to the website I need and the price I had to pay was equal one burger! I'm happy, I'm very happy now! Thanks!
by Loren K.
The complete proxy list for 2012
My friend suggested me to try your company's service, said he was using it for a while. Of course I liked the price, right after paying I got the proxy list for 2012, didn't really take any time.
by Raul P.
Forget about admins
Because of the nasty admins of our company, pretty much every worker knows how to use proxy now. Hey, it's a great plus - every site with all the information is available to you at any time. And thanks to the foreign proxy in your list, we can visit foreign sites despite the geographic blocks.
by Wilber U.
Thanks for the comfort
My friend is a programmer and he recommended your site to me. Turns out he's been your client for a long time. I decided to try it out. Cool - just a couple minutes, a couple simple actions - and I can use a whole list of proxies!
by Loyd M.
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