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Google announces its upcoming programs

Posted on: May 28th, 2013

Google announces its upcoming programsThe Google I/O developers conference began at the Moscone Center in San Francisco with quite a bang with the iconic company making quite a few announcements and has also revealed details of numerous new applications and programs which shall be affecting the users directly.

Introduction of an all new Google Play Music Access

One of the most significant announcements is the introduction of a new music service which is known as the Google Play Music Access. The service would cost $9.99 per month and shall allow users to stream music on demand along with creating custom ration stations on the move as well. For users who sign up for the trial by June 30 and then decide to stick with it, the monthly charges shall be reduced to $7.99 only.

The Google+ Enhancements

The second announcement which is making waves is the fantastic new look if the Google +. The new Google+ boasts of a magnificent look and is modern and clean as well. Moreover, it does not feel like a website and seems and acts like an application, which is a good thing today.  This all new UI is already rolling out and users who still have not seen it, go and take a look. Apart from sleek looks and better designs, the Google+ also boasts of great enhancements in the photo sections. The section features an Auto Enhance option which figures out exactly what enhancements the uploaded photo needs and applies them automatically to make the photo look really good. The professional and advanced users also have the option of making these enhancements manually. Lastly, the Google+ shall also be able to create animated GIF’s from specified sets of photographs.

All new universal chat service

Google has also gone ahead and integrated the various versions of its chat messengers such as the Google+ Messenger, Google Talk and Gmail Chat. The result of this integration is known as the Hangouts, which is a user friendly and easy to use universal chat system for all Google products.

Google Voice Search for PC’s

Almost all Android users are in love with the Google Voice Search. The good news for PC lovers is that the PC version of the Voice Search is also being launched and works exactly like it does on Andriod.

Upgraded Google Now Systems

The Google Now, a card based information system which was introduced with the Android 4.1 has also got enhancements such as the ability to set intelligent reminders with the help of basic voice commands. The Google Now can also integrate the public transit commute times so that users can get an alert when the last train or bus is about to leave.

Revamped Google Maps

The Google Maps are also being completely revamped and will be boasting of features such as a completely new look, custom made suggestions, reviews from Zagat and area highlights. The maps shall also include a proper tour of the most popular destinations which will include photographs that are user submitted.

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