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How to achieve anonymity on Internet

Posted on: April 26th, 2013

How to achieve anonymity on InternetFor most people, anonymity on Internet seems impossible to achieve since there are always ways to identify the sources of all content published on the Internet. Nevertheless, after researching anonymous blog posters,  if we follow some steps and take care of our on-line activity, it is possible to  achieve anonymity when blogging or interacting on-line.

Do Not Use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Or Similar Email Services.

To open a blog, twitter account or facebook profile, it is always necessary to have an email account. No These services generate a high amount of informative headings in each message generated, therefore, once you send an email it will always be possible to find out relevant data from the origin of that mail or post.

There are some on-line solutions that allow to send messages through ciphered channels, without headings or additional information from the sender, such as Hushmail.

Mask Your IP/ Do Not Connect From Home

What we found out among the researched anonymous blogs, is that the authors never connect from their homes when they want to generate content. They tend to use a public and shared computer, write their content and copy it.

Another popular resource is the use of the TOR  (The Onion Router ) net. It provides a complete application that allows an execution of Firefox. It has all necessary features to navigate through the web in total anonymity.  When connecting to Internet through TOR, the information to be sent is cyphered and travels through several servers,  hiding the original IP. When the information reaches it´s destiny, it is deciphered and sent.

I2P is another anonymous network widely used. It is formed by a series of routers with a series of virtual tunnels. It offers to the applications that require identity protection, a simple cape for secure communication. All data are cyphered several times . The routers communicate among them through net protocols, sending several message. The client applications have their own cypher identifiers, who let them send and receive these messages. The I2P network, is a net that is completely separated from regular Internet, therefore it has it´s own websites called eppsites, to access them it is necessary to be within the I2P network, since they are not accessible from Internet.

Another important and simple thing to do, is to use publicity and third parties codes blocking tools, such us Adblock or DoNotTrackPlus. These kind of applications prevent that just from visiting a website our information can be traced.

Take Care Of What You Publish

For example, if you need to upload a photograph, remember to delete all it´s EXIF data. This is the information that the photo cameras automatically save. They include information such as technical details from the photo, as well as date and some last technology cameras have GPS sensors that can save the coordinates where the pictures were taken.

Some Ideas And The Basic Tip, Use Your Common Sense

Keep your social circles to a minimal, or divide them according to the different uses you give to your social accounts. Open several email accounts and divide them according to their different uses (blogs, family, social networks, work, accounts) and always assign them different passwords.

If you think someone can be using your computer, install a Keylogger and leave it working when you are not there. This way you will find out if someone around is trying to spy on your computer.

Of course, never use similar information to any of your real personal data. Many people focus on having an anonymous connection, but their email address contains their birth date, middle name, or their kids names somehow…

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