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Access is restricted

Posted on: April 30th, 2013

Access is restrictedJulian Assange and the Wikleaks organization have become unforgettable for their actions that saw them gain access to privileged information from governments across the world. Some may not agree with their actions but those actions have had serious implications of online security. Case in point is their link to the activity that brought to the forefront Bradley Manning in a historical scandal. The case of the Bradley Manning is a case that caught Americans flatfooted due to the nature of information exposed and as a result the government interference is now being seen on internet usage.

At the beginning of 2012, the nation was faced with a controversial bill titled SOPA from the house of representatives, which had an aim to take care of intellectual property by infringing on internet freedoms. The bill was met with substantial resistance and was subsequently defeated; however, CISPA is now seen to have been a replacement of the same. Internet freedom and security, have long been left to private companies and they mostly took the form of intellectual property and anti piracy laws, the government is therefore questioning the standing that the internet is a no-man’s land, which is the legal position.

An illustration of just how much the government is interested on controlling this platform was the case demonstrated by the internet blackout in Syria, which just happened recently. The Syrian government called it an attack of terrorists but there is more water in the argument that the servers were set to desist from data transmission, which resulted in making Syria a temporary internet free zone. This produced the effect of a cover to undertake any criminal activities with only eyewitnesses who were unable to report the on goings, making it hard to hold that government unaccountable to actions done under the darkness cover.

It would be foolhardy for most to assume that most governments are stable and they would not use such brutal actions but whereas they might not do that, they will find ways to limit internet freedoms as is seen by the recent regulations in the US. To protect your privacy rely on proxy servers that offers protection. It functions by getting around barriers put up to prevent the access to the internet as governments move towards restraining internet usage, though most nations in the meantime can enjoy the freedoms while they last as we move on to uncertain times.

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