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The set rise of mobile malware

Posted on: May 4th, 2013

The set rise of mobile malwareThe distinguished security corporation, McAfee, lately released a 2013 Threat Predictions report, via the McAfee Laboratory division. The information therein proposed a couple of patterns in the sector for 2013 that will include diminished activity that will see groups like Anonymous appear less in the reports. There will however be increased attacks in cyberspace especially concerning politics and military buoyed by sophistication tools in the sector.

Mobile phone technology has grown into complicated devices as they take on more functions and with this growth, it is only expected that mobile malware usage in tablets and smartphones will also go up. As more people use iPads and smartphones to access the internet so does the hacking attempts increase targeting specifically these devices and their users.

The report by McAfee Laboratory researchers is forecasting that there will be more activity towards this fairly new end for the hackers, as they polish up methods and gear to break through security shields. If they do manage to get through information such as bank details or information on your business and private home details will be compromised.  Expected results of the hacking include spam SMS, malware that will attempt to hinder protection for your device by blocking updates, mobile worms that can pilfer money from your digital account or wallet and even purchase apps that are malicious in nature.

An innovative technique, which is currently being used by the hackers is to deny you access to your device such as a smartphone or tablet after hacking it, until you part with your hard earned money, without even an assurance that will unblock it once you pay the ransom demanded as is explained by a McAfee spokesperson. The technique has been used by PC hackers, however it is opportune that most users generally undertake their business related transactions through their PCs although this is slowly changing and the hackers may follow the customer trend.

All is not however lost as there are still some measure that you can take to protect your device. An option is to use a virtual private network, which provides you’re the necessary security by adding another layer of protection when you are accessing internet on a wi-fi hotspot for your gadget as the hackers target unsecured connections, and by using VPN you can use the internet knowing your device is safe.

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