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India the biggest spam nation in IBM label

Posted on: May 2nd, 2013

India the biggest spam nation in IBM labelIn the world, there are far too many unnecessary competitions and the latest one has seen India overtake the US to take the number one spot of contribution to global spam, which amounts to sixteen percent of the world’s total according to giant IBM.

As the internet grew and is growing today email spam has been identified as the single most unrelenting challenge for online security. This report therefore implies that India with the increasing usage of internet in the country is seeing a rising number of spam email production. There has been a twenty five percent increase in web usage in India, which has both positive and negative connotations simultaneously such as the increase of market for advertisers and cyber criminals respectively.

The IBM research cast the net wide on online security factoring in mobile users with the increase in threats towards these mobile platforms. Mobile phone users are finding themselves in trouble after downloading apps with malware or getting their devices infected while unsecured internet connections such as some Wi-Fi connections. As more and more business, organizations allow their staff to use their devices at work; security is becoming a major area of concern. Information of a sensitive nature could be put at risk with the use of tablets and smartphones for individual information. With the use of all inclusive security system then organizations can protect their information when these devices are in use, most organizations have however have so far not paid no attention or heeded the advice.

2013 will see online security rise to become one of the core in the sector, due to increasing smart device use and the ignoring of security measures while under use of the same. Contributing is also the loose procedures of screening at mobile stores like Google Play. In recent times, Android owners have come under attack through apps purchased that are infected with malware, which leads to the gadgets being held hostage by hackers.

The security sector is under pressure from the increasing threats and they are now looking for more comprehensive solutions, that will tackle the challenges for pcs and mobile gadgets. Proxy servers in the meantime will spare you a lot off agony by giving you a further layer of protection while connected to the internet especially over unsecure connections. The system, is not only inexpensive but it is also straightforward when setting up.

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