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New app update catches criminals in the act: Lookout thieves!

Posted on: April 28th, 2013

New app update catches criminals in the act Lookout thievesThe Android mobile operating system has been just as accepted by hackers as it has been the users using the OS in their devices. Cyber criminals have relished this system by taking advantage of security loopholes that they have milked to launch hostile takeovers and pinch the information of users. There is help though through the Lookout Mobile security, which aims to keep your devices safe.

The software merges the use of a pointer tool to locate and trail a lost or stolen Android or iOS device, with an all-inclusive anti-virus security system that immediately lets you know if you manage to download a application that is infected or malicious especially over unsecure connections. Google Play store has been a favourite of would be hackers to try lure the user to put in malicious software, so thanks to this new app you can enjoy your device without worrying.

The Lookout security system will go beyond just protecting you and your device but it will also contains features that will assist you to track down your phone, Lookout will send messages and alerts to your gadget  in an effort to get in touch with any person who will finds and hopefully it will be restored to the owner.

The most interesting feature about this security system is the Lock Cam, which will definitely be of great use to Android users. The Lock Cam by sending you a snapshot of the person trying to unlock your phone if they key in the wrong ping thrice, then if your phone has a camera in front then it will take you a lovely picture of the would be thief that you can take to the police, to trace your phone.

At just $2.99 you can further boost your security through the premium software. The software will permit you to get rid of your information by wiping it from a far, while giving you a opportunity to back up 1.5GB worth of information.

As 2013 unfurls, mobile security will carry on being a key matter under discussion as it also becomes the target of hackers. Check out the Lookout software for protection but further boosts it with the use of Virtual Private Network that adds an additional layer of security as a way of keeping out the unwanted, while on an unprotected internet connection or wi-fi.

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