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Chinese army unit is hacking US?

Posted on: May 10th, 2013

Chinese army unit is hacking US?The outskirts of Shanghai contains an office that is serving as a base room for People’s liberation Army base for China’s increasing number of people as cyber warriors. A detailed forensic report clears that the American intelligence officials have been taped into this activity of army unit for years and it leaves a rare chance that the American organizations, agencies and corporations have been attacked by this white tower.

A recent report clears that for the first time an American security firm confirms that a hacking group in China is attacking United States in known as Shanghai group. The firm haven’t given a clear idea on the fact that these attacks have been originated from this white building, but there is no explanation that why there are so many attacks from such a small area?

Kevin Mandai, founder of Mandiant says that either all these attacks are from that building or by the people who control the most manageable networks in the world are not sure about the thousands of people who are attacking from this one neighborhood.

The other security firms have confirmed that this group is state sponsored and national intelligence estimate issued a document of the United States agencies that these groups are run of either army officers or are contractors working for units like 61398. With this group extracted terabytes of data from Coca Cola Company, it is now targeting the United States companies having critical infrastructure. According to a report, this group is now targeting a company having a remote access to 60% of oil and gas pipelines in North America. So, it’s quite evident that such groups are alarming for companies all over the globe especially in America. This unit is also among the ones who attached a computer security firm RSA.

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