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@Reckz0r wrecked?

Posted on: June 25th, 2013

Reckz0r WreckedA few weeks ago, the hacker who goes by the Twitter name @Reckz0r claimed to have hacked into the Microsoft Xbox live servers and gotten access to Xbox users personal information. He tweeted several brags about his accomplishments claiming that Microsoft had gotten “owned”. This caused a wave of reaction and ended up getting repeated on several sites before the news came out that his claims were categorically false and technically impossible as the site he claimed to have hacked was the wrong one entirely. This isn’t the first time that @Reckz0r has claimed to hack into a company’s database.

Now, he/she has claimed that now it is CNN that has been successfully hacked. The tweets following @Reckz0r’s claim of success also claim that four bogus stories were posted on CNN’s website. The motive he gives for hacking CNN is spelled out in his Twitter feed is the ‘support’ that CNN gives to Israel in taking their side in the Palestinian/Israeli argument. This motive makes it seem like he is part of the larger group of hackers that hacked into BBC, CBS, and the New York Times websites to post false articles. The SEA or Syrian Electronic Army claimed credit for those news-making hacks that caused quite a bit of alarm at the companies they hacked.

Although @Reckz0r never makes that claim anywhere, there is no real evidence that his motivation has anything to do with supporting Palestine, Syria or any other group. In his bragging posts that followed the alleged hacking, he claimed that he would send anyone who could guess which four articles were posted by him the details of usernames and passwords so that anyone could hack into CNN’s international database.

Sadly, this may prove to be yet another lie. No proof was ever given that the bogus articles were actually published or were taken down. While some claim to have seen these articles, CNN International is not talking about it and the experts at Cyber War News who helped out the Xbox Live hack as being fraudulent, has determined that @Reckz0r is a person who is a “thief and media whore”. The cyber information website has determined that all future claims made by this individual will automatically be classified as fake and false.

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