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SEA hacks sky news!

Posted on: June 29th, 2013

SEA hacks sky news!The Syrain electronic army is back in news again. SEA is known for their annoying and potentially dangerous antics of hacking major news and other organizations that they see as a threat to Syrian President Assad’s reign. Recently, the SEA has hacked various Twitter accounts of the associate NPR, and the BBC. While they will occasionally use their access to millions of followers to send nonsense laced messages, most times it is to post pro-Assad tweets as if they are coming from the hacked company. In a recent attempt, they tweeted about the recent blast in the white house, where the President Barack Hussein Obama got injured. This tweet caused Stock Exchange of NewYork to plummet briefly.

Now they have hacked into the UK news company, Sky News. The group used their access to distort the Sky News app pages. Sky News took the app pages offline and downloads are not available as of yet. But it is the way in which they did this that makes their efforts more destructive. After successfully hacking the account, they sent out a tweet to all users who had already downloaded the Sky News Android apps that stated that the apps that they had downloaded were hacked and recommended that the users uninstall them.

They did this through the Sky News Help Team twitter account and succeeded in getting many users to uninstall the app. While there is no evidence that these apps themselves had been hacked, this now leaves those who uninstalled the apps on their Androids without the app until Sky News repairs the situation. It was a Sophos tech consultant that clued in on the tweet from the SEA as being bogus.

Since the chief people involved in the SEA don’t have English as their first language, the tweets they send are often rife with misspellings and grammatical errors. In addition to this tweet was not from the Sky News Lithium Social Web, but from the web. This told the tech, Graham Cluely that it was possibly another SEA attack. This latest attack was likely revenge for what the SEA considers a ‘false story’ about a failed Syrian attack on Haifa in Israel.

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