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I value such quality service
Thank you for letting me use a ninja proxy for such a low price. Now I can user any PC, even with ports blocked by firewall. My favourite web sites are available again! Thanks a lot!
by John H.
Thanks for unblocking!
It's kind of a habit in our office to start the day with a cup of coffee and Facebook, just 15 minutes and you're one with the world, you're aware of all the news. And then back to normal working rhythm, win-win situation. We're all glad to find a way to bypass the blocking.
by Dennis Z.
Super resource
I can't even believe that I found such a great site, with such high degree of anonymity! Now I feel like a King of the Internet, baby! Thanks a lot for such a useful site! Your devoted user!
by Matthew J.
Proved security
Until now I used socks protocol, but when I saw your prices, I decided never buy socks5 any more and use only your double secure proxy servers only!!! It turned out to be a modernized extension of the line. Thank you for giving me the access to a novelty version for minimal cost!
by Kenneth V.
Wonderful site
Recently I got impressed by their tech support staff. My friend had a problem, and it was his mistake, however the tech support was unrealistically patient, they explained everything to him in details, instead of telling him 'fuck off'. It's a rare example of self-control and high service. They deserve the highest praise!
by Joseph D.
I liked the price to quality ratio
I know that some companies have policies no social websites during working hours. If you get in such situation trust me, there is nothing to worry. All you have is to download proxy servers from Men in Proxy website, put them into your browser and that's it. You will get an instant access to any blocked website, doesn't matter it's Facebook, Youtube, Myspace or what ever. I said and I mean - ANY!
by Jose O.
Great site
Until now, I preferred only SOCKS servers, but my mind changed quickly when I tried HTTP proxy severs from Men in Proxy web site. Even though, I couldn't expect it but I became a client of a wonderful resource!
by Gene G.
Good site
I didn't even know that such a well-protected proxy site exist until a friend told me. My gratitude to him for sharing and to the resource for being there for me! I'm sure soon everyone will be talking about this awesome resource!
by Mitchell W.
Thanks to the owners!
Thanks to the creators of the proxy site - they give us the possibility to unblock proxy just in a couple minutes. That's the first time I'm here but everything's clear and simple, I didn't even need to call the tech support. I'm going to be your client for a long time!
by Allen L.
I recommend that
As soon as I paid for the service I received a list of proxy servers and was already ready to start working when I got, I don't know how to use them. I contacted their support team and you won't believe, I got answer on my question within five minutes! That's I call the real fast support! This site deserves to be named as a number 1 proxy provider on the internet
by Alexander I.
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