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Pay up and start using this!
At first I was very skeptical about the website 'Men in Proxy'. It seemed too good for me. However becoming a customer of this resource I was pleasantly surprised not only by high quality services but also by their technical support service which works 24 hours per day! Men in Proxy website - it is the best that you can find today, if you're looking for high speed and high level anonymity proxy servers!
by Jesus M.
Great service
Once I got blocked by administrators on one forum, the given reason was - I'm a spammer. I tried to explain that was a mistake but everything was for vain. They didn't want to listen on me. Then I decided to become a client of MenInProxy. Since that time I have no problem with site access. I can get on any site I want and at any time I need!
by James L.
Attention is praiseworthy
It's been a couple months since I started using the Men in Proxy services. At first I had problems with the settings. I called the tech support, and they helped me solve all the problems. Even someone, who just got in front of a computer for the first time, would understand their guidelines.
by Michael W.
Recommendations of an experienced client
I think well known proxy provider Men In Black deservers first place prize just for their technical support. They have the friendliest and the most passionate support ever. Once when I had a mistake on my side I went on them, I was very angry but they explained that mistake was done by my software developer who coded the program for me. I had no words, it was my mistake, but instead of shouting me in return they went very friendly, got my point and did their best to help me with my trouble.
by Stephen A.
Great service
I'm so glad to be a client of this service! It's not much cheaper than on other sites, but the quality is better, too! I think it was my lucky day, when a friend told me about this site.
by Steven C.
Thanks for your help
I thought I would never get to Facebook. However a friend linked me to the Men in Proxy site. I can't even describe how glad I was! It took a couple minutes to register, then I ordered the service, received the IP addresses and voila! I'm back in the social network again.
by Kyle U.
There's no better proxies than yours
Usually I used free proxy servers. Had to waste a lot of time to find something half decent (I was saving money). I was surprised when I found your site. I couldn't believe it's possible to have so many proxies for such a cost. I'm your client now.
by Rigoberto R.
Great site
What could I possibly add to the above? Just agree with all the positive reviews! It's a great site, and I value it highly because of functionality, reliability and low costs of the service.
by Archie H.
Thank you for the victory!
Your site helped my friend win a contest and evade significant costs connected to this event. Although the organizers of the contest kept wondering - how comes that my friend has so many foreign fans? But the victory is his, and that's what matters.
by Anthony D.
Checked the security, thanks!
The first thing what shocked me at the beginning was the amount of proxies I got with my package. I'm not new in proxy subject and know well what I can get for the price I paid. I mean I expected times less amount of proxies for my package. Then I thought maybe some proxies in the proxy list aren't working, I checked them with my proxy checker and got that all proxies in my proxy list are 'alive'. That was fantastic. From that time Men in Proxy is my favorite proxy site!
by Edward M.
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