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Thanks for the quality!
I'm just wordless! Excellent service, huge selection of IP addresses and quite reasonable prices signs that people are actually working, rather than knocking up dough. I'm hanging here for the last 3 months - everything's great. If you haven't tried them yet, it's time to fix this mistake
by Clair D.
Cool resourse
Thanks for this site's existence! If I may say so, I wish for a long life to you and your minimal prices, because they make you the best of what we have today. Everything works quickly and reliably! I'm a true fan of the great quality of your Internet resource.
by Michael Y.
Got the fresh proxy
I like the quick service. Did not have to wait at all, I paid a modest price and got the free proxy quickly, that's what I need! Now I can go wherever I want, without thinking of the price.
by Earl O.
Thanks for being there!
I've bought a list of proxy servers on this site, now I'm happy as a clam. Got good reasons - the prices are low, and there are about a hundred proxies in the list. Another good news is that the list is anonymous and really fast!
by Frank E.
Really, a hundred IP addresses
Once when I was looking for good proxy servers I was advised to try this website and since then I'm their customer. The most what I like in them, not just a little price, but their very friendly technical support which works all day long. Once you ask them for help they answer immediately. They have very fast and the best support department ever!
by Billy E.
Facebook unblocked, thanks!
I want to say that nobody nowadays offers two-stage system of anonymity. I searched everywhere where they offer a service of proxy - they all get frozen; offering good protection, they can't do it in reality.
by Jeffrey K.
Great site
My list of proxies is old, and I couldn't find an alternative: one was expensive; another had a short list (I can't understand why they ask for so much money). I came across your site by chance and decided to try it. Thank you, I am more than satisfied by the result!
by Gene T.
Good purchase
Not long time ago I was browsing the internet and found a list of proxy servers on a web-site for the same prise as yours. But there was a small difference - they had only 30 servers on the list, and you have a hundred for the same prise!
by Thomas X.
Great site, my respect to the owners
Nor me neither my friends aren't newbie in proxy subject. It's already long time since we are using proxies for the different purposes. It was time when we used services who could offer proxy list with 20-30 proxies in it. But when we suddenly found 'Men in Proxy' we got that for the same price we can get more then one hundred proxies! It was kind of the discovery - the difference is very impressive! Men in Proxy is the only one proxy site on the world, the rest ones are just kids!
by Lewis B.
Reliable resource
I don't really like to leave reviews, but I decided to write down my opinion of a good resource. Been using it for three months, I never had to use the tech support - everything works nice and fine. I'm satisfied.
by Donald T.
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