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My advice for everyone
I'm a regular user of rapidshare service. I like to download files from this file hosting. But sometimes I use to face the problem. Since I'm downloading the files from my company and our company is sharing one IP among its staff I usually get the message 'Your IP has just reached download limit, please wait'. This problem was solved immediately when I became a customer of Men in Proxy.
by Bryan M.
My gratitude
I am not going to sing praises - but franckly speaking, I liked the technical support team very much. I had some questions, not really serious, as it was found out later, but I was worried. After talking to them I changed myself - politeness of the staff and their skills deserve sincere praise.
by Reed Z.
Good service
I have been using the services of this site for a month, and I'm still a little euphoric because I, as a client, I have such possibilities. Everything works fine, fast and nice. I'm very pleased. Thanks!
by Charlie O.
Thank you
Thanks to your site, I was able to solve many problems. But one of the main advantages that I have are anonymity and non-transparency that I can afford with your list of proxy servers. I recommended the site to my friends. They seem to be pleased, as well.
by Donald R.
Men in Proxy rules!
There are many sites like Men in Proxy in the internet right now. It is hard to tell which are working and which just scamming. I got lucky, I started working with this site almost immediately and I'm very pleased with the results.
by Ahmed X.
Respect to Men in Proxy
My respect to the Men in Proxy site and to its creators. The first time I visited, I couldn't believe my eyes - such a long proxy list and for such a low price, I cannot believe my eyes?! I was surprised even more when I discovered they're all working.
by George Q.
Thank you for the secure proxy
Sadly, I don't have dynamic IP address. While surfing the Internet one can easily grab some garbage, or even worse - viruses or trojans. In order to evade this it's better to use a proxy in the Internet. Of course, it's important to find a good proxy - for example, one that can be bought on this site.
by Clifford E.
One hundred IP for same price!
I confirm - the prise for such package is the lowest in the market. Special thanks for the company, at least someone nowadays has good prises and keeps the prises at the same level.
by Anthony I.
Thanks for the clean proxy servers
Maybe there are some good proxy sites but all of them have very disgusting technical support. Once you contact them you loose any wish to continue working with them. I searched a lot but found only one proxy provider who was very polite technical support and the name of this website is 'Men in Proxy'.
by David V.
Thanks to the creators!
I didn't even know that such a cool service exists! It's a good thing my friends suggested it to me, now I always use its high-class, practically free possibilities. Thanks for creating such resource.
by Oscar L.
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