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Tech support rules!
Thanks a lot to the tech support for patience with a lame user like me. It's all so simple, I didn't really have to give them trouble, and at night time, too. Thanks again for the understanding and for quick response.
by Wally V.
Good site
I'm completely satisfied by working with this site. It is already popular because of good quantity of services for reasonable prices. Well done, keep up the good work! I'm the willing hostage of your all-purpose high quality services.
by Joseph V.
Cool service
Looking for a proxy server becomes more and more popular. But this site is the only one, where I was able to find great proxy possibilities for a reasonable price. I'm very pleased to be a Men in Proxy client!
by Joseph I.
Here's the best protection
Sometimes I am hired by clients who want to gain votes on different sites and competitions. Due to the list of proxy servers of this site I manage to do the work. Everyone is glad: both me and my customers. And I recommend it - all proxies work.
by Jeffery P.
The best prices of all
As for me I was stopped here by price. The matter is that my job requires quite huge amount of ips per month and if the price per ip is very high at the end of the month I get quite huge bill to pay. I sincerely don't know why they offer so little price but it fits my budget very well. So if you are looking for some very cheap proxy servers you've just found them
by Philip Q.
Night service to the rescue
I work at night because I have lots of free time. Thanks to the round-the-clock tech support. I don't feel boring anymore - they helped me unblock access to a couple sites, now I don't feel so sleepy.
by Jonathan G.
Great work of technical support
Yeah, Men in Proxy got some good service. They helped me when I had a minor problem. Tech support is polite and helpful, no emotions from my stupid questions (now I know how stupid they were). Real professionals, I take my hat off to them!
by Lee K.
Unblocking Facebook
Admins block the social networks everywhere. I guess they're just doing what because boss told them. But it's like a ritual I'm used to and it doesn't take that much time! Anyways, the proxy servers helped me to unblock all web sites.
by Carl B.
Secure protection ? checked, thanks!
Many people just looking for low prices, but, sadly, the quality is sometimes not as good. I've spent her much time and not just because of money. There haven't been any glitches. Everything works just fine! A good, safe system - with tough protection.
by Jonathan X.
I recommend this to everyone
'Men in Proxy' is the most cool proxy site. This is of no doubt! But speaking seriously I want to give big thanks to the technical support workers for their efficiency. Prices are just excellent; the packages are too big. Shortly said it's an excellent service even for very experienced users!
by Joan X.
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