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Wonderful service
I like using automatic surfing by night to earn some cash, but my earnings were decreased by blocks of IP addresses. Then I found your site, and it solved all of my problems! I've bought a hundred unique IP addresses virtually for nothing! Thanks a lot!
by Gerald D.
Thank you for the proxy
My parents blocked the online gaming sites at home, said they want me to study harder. So I studied and studied and the block still stayed. Thanks to your proxies, I can play again while no one watches me.
by Charles H.
Cool possibilities
I personally like the Men in Proxy site for the anonymity. Only their proxy severs are double level secure and at the end you are protected by two levels of anonymity! This is a great service that really was created for the users. Thank you!
by Steven F.
Now I don't care about admins
Thanks to the proxy list from your site. I have no problem getting around the administrators' blocks and limitations. Now I have access to all the sites I need at work! Thanks a lot!
by William Y.
Thanks for the quality
I became your customer just couple of days ago. When I got a list of proxy servers and simple instruction I got immediately what to do with them (proxies). Earlier my friends used to scare me with the subject that proxy servers are very difficult to use, and even their setup can take more then couple of hours. It's nonsense! With Men in Proxy you can start anonymous surfing within two minutes after the payment is done. No setup is required at all!
by Brady C.
Great service
I've made a habit of using just the best things. What I couldn't expect is that low prices could equal high quality. The possibilities of the Men in Proxy site amaze me. I suggest everyone try these advantages! Thank you for your existence!
by Danny N.
I recommend this, a very nice site
I'm not a geek but sometimes there are some situations when you need to stay anonymous. The reasons can be different, but they don't matter, what the matter is the proxy servers of the DOUBLE level anonymity! I'm using your proxy servers for the last four month and I was never detected nor just my IP, neither the fact that I'm behind a proxy. That's what I call super service! Well done folks!
by Robert K.
Good service
I still can't believe that at least I got my luck. I was searching for proper proxy site I guess at least 4 months. And everything what I found was out of idea of good site. Sometimes the interface of admin zone was so difficult that hardly even pro user could understand it, sometimes interface was normal but the quality of proxy was very bad. But endless I got my luck and found Men in Proxy site. The interface is so easy that even kid can understand it. The quality of proxy is the highest!
by Robert E.
Best proxy here!
I used to work with free proxy servers. They are bad enough because they are slow and mostly used for spam! Your list solved the problem completely. All the proxy are SPAM free and fast.
by Donald G.
Cool site
Hey guys, anyone tried contacting tech support? I haven't, not even once since I started using the site 2 months ago. I'm not sure they even need tech support, everything works fine. I don't think I'm ever going to need to contact them.
by Ismael Y.
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